Several factors need to be considered when installing new blinds at your business or home: the material it will be made of, the type of lift mechanism used and all the other custom fitted options. Suitable for all rooms from home to office, woven bamboo blinds the most commonly used woven blinds, although they can be manufactured from other materials.

Woven bamboo blinds are ultra durable; they are able to bend and do not attract moisture, letting saving you some money in the long run. These blinds will suit almost any room, whether it is in your home or office. Bamboo can also be coloured with ease, allowing decorators and craftsmen to style a specific piece according to clients’ desires.

Woven Bamboo BlindsBamboo is so hard-wearing that in tropical conditions the indigenous people often create their entire houses out of bamboo. It sometimes last them for years, but it’s still best to ask your blind supplier for some advice on how to maximize your woven bamboo blinds’ life.

Woven blinds are operated in much the same way as normal blinds, by pulling on the cord or string. When buying bamboo blinds (or any window blinds for that matter), make sure there is a safety mechanism which will allow the string to be tied away from the floor where it could trip somebody. This also keeps the string away from small children who may tug and pull too hard on the blinds causing damage to the pulley-mechanism (or worse still, get tangled up in the blinds and strangling themselves).

Woven bamboo blinds bring a more natural ambience to rooms as the weaving is not a completely straight lined like blinds made from metals and processed by machines. Light coming into the room is scattered through the weave of the bamboo blinds as opposed to the normal ones which only allow light through the slits.

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