Outdoor Blinds: 5 Things to consider before buying

  1. How exposed is the area you want to cover e.g. wind direction and strength, position of the sun, any exposure to the elements for that matter.
  2. What do you want to protect, is it an entertainment area, a patio another living area, blinds for outdoor decks, etc.
  3. The different operational mechanisms available, manual or motorised?
  4. What kind of materials are available to make your enclosed area really cosy and secure.
  5. With the measurement and installation of blinds outside, make sure the company you deal with know what they are doing.

Being able to enjoy all the seasons in comfort is a big plus, we all love to watch the rain bucket down as long as we are not exposed to it at the time. With clever use of available weather proof solutions like blinds outside we can have it all (see Top 4 Advantages of Outdoor Blinds), entertaining in comfort while the elements rage around us.

All kinds of Custom Made Home and Office Blinds

We will measure and install your blinds professionally for the maximum effect.

Our outdoor blinds help protect you from the elements by providing a temporary barrier that is easily retracted. We provide two outdoor roller blind systems, namely the rope and pulley system and the gear mechanism system.

Our fabrics are PVC – Sheerweave, Ripstop, Acrylic. All these fabrics have been UV treated and is fire retardant. We have the option of inserting a window into the blind that will allow light to pass through the blind.

Outdoor blinds are quality, less costly solution to making your favourite patio or entertainment area weather proof.


All our blinds are made from top quality materials and components to cope with the harsh outdoor weather conditions. PLUS our blinds come with a range of addons like Velcro, scallops, stretch cord and fastening techniques to cater for all your requirements.

Gone are the days where you were limited to green or green you can now choose from an exciting range of colours and material to really turn that patio into a prized piece of heaven.

Custom Made Outdoor Blinds

We will measure and install your outdoor blinds professionally for the maximum effect

How to open and close your blinds is a serious factor to consider.

Everybody knows there will be times during the cooler or warmer months when you will want to open up your outdoor blinds to take advantage of the suns natural warmth and light or the breeze to cool things.

This is where you will start to think about permanent or retractable outdoor blind options and how easy it is to operate them. We all know how frustrating it can be to manually work with ropes and pulleys, especially when bad weather strikes suddenly.

So be assured we have your back with the best possible outdoor blinds solution to suit your specific custom situation. You can call us anytime on 021-557-7711 for advice and a quotation…