Why Wooden Window Blinds in Cape Town?

The Benefits of Wooden Window Blinds:

The window blinds you choose for your home are key decorating features. Real wood blinds are inviting and add warmth to the ambience of any space, complementing the furniture and décor of the room, as well as providing privacy without leaving the room feeling stark.

Interior designers usually favour wooden window blinds because then can be custom designed to fit the interior of any room, not to mention their warmth, flexibility and robustness.

Wooden Window BlindsWooden window blinds provide a natural aspect to the area with a refined allure. They look much better than the usual curtains or shutters.

They look appealing from both inside and outside the window. Also, they are good insulators from heat or cold. For humid places like the windows in a bathroom or kitchen, faux wooden blinds, may be utilised.

The blinds are usually constructed from 2 different varieties of wood: Ramin wood and Bass wood. Bass wood is the the most popular because it has a more distinctive grain and it is more durable.

It is a variety for staining. Wood blinds can be created using a no-hole method to make the area as dark as possible. Utilizing a 3-inch valance on your blinds can be quite decorative.

Ramin is the inexpensive choice and usually uses a 2-inch valance at the top of the window to hide the metal head rails.

Wood blinds come in many of types – vertical blinds, woven wood blinds, fake wooden blinds, wooden mini blinds, venetian faux wood window blinds and so on. They are also obtainable in numerous shapes, stains, colours, and shades and can be constructed from different types of wood and can be custom ordered.

They are then able to be fitted with extra optional elements like fabric tapes, cord-pull slant and motorization, light-blocking, UV control, and anti-static control.

The size of the louvers has to be determined when buying timber window blinds. One-inch louvers are for French doors and smaller windows while two inch slats are excellent on windows of any size and shape.

Blinds which have slats bigger than two inches look similar to farm shutters and provide a larger see through gap when open.

Further choices available in wooden blinds are cordless operation and valance upgrades as per customer requirements.

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