Windows hold significance for many reasons.

It is a creation from the basic human nature, curiosity to see what is going on around us.

Windows were invented because people wanted to feel safe and look at the outside world at the same time.

Obviously if windows were made to see through them we also need something to also completely close them, temporarily.

The most important feature of window blinds and curtains is to protect the inner sanctuary from the outside view, to protect our privacy.

Blinds, unlike some curtains, completely block the ultra-violet rays from the sun from entering the room.

Are you worried about getting a tan inside? Surely not, but your furniture might say something different. Ultra-violet radiation is what causes a suntan (or sunburn), but it can also damage and contribute to the aging of your furniture.

Couches of delicate fabrics and leather will last considerably longer when kept out of sunlight.

Window blinds will also prevent the sun from fading your furniture, where the UV-rays literally pushes colour out of fibres and wooden furniture, and will keep their “new look” longer.

Window BlindsThe ancient Romans already noted that blinds kept the sun and dust out of their homes but as time went on, it became more and more popular for the Romans to keep their blinds somewhat closed during the day.

We can all agree that sunlight has a different and better ‘feel’ to artificial light.

The advantage of window blinds is that adjusting them to only allow in a little bit of natural sunlight creates a wonderful ambience and serenity in a room, keeping you cooler in summer and warmer in winter without the necessary energy requirements and their nasty effect on our planet.

Window blinds today are much stronger than they were in Roman times. They last much longer than curtains and everyday cleaning of blinds is a breeze in comparison to cleaning curtains down.

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