Vertical Blinds For Tricky Windows, Here’s How!

Vertical Blinds are Attractive & Versatile

Vertical blinds offer a much needed service within our homes and offices. They assist in regulating the amount of daylight that enters our rooms, as well as affording us privacy. Vertical blinds are extremely useful but every so often they can present problems…

Vertical BlindsPerhaps you wish to control the light, but don’t want to switch on your electrical lights each time you close up the blinds. Maybe there is a view you don’t want blocked or you’ve an older window that you still want to show off.

How will you use your blinds in these situations? How does one resolve these issues while still controlling the light with the blinds? Here we’ll examine some common problems with vertical blinds and look for an appropriate resolution.

The appeal of French doors in a home is timeless. Although, fitting vertical blinds to them can lead to a great deal of swinging in the breeze. This tends to produce difficulties with tangling and may in due course wear the blinds down.

For French doors, tie backs are sometimes obtainable for your blinds. These will help the vertical blinds remain in place whilst you are using your French doors. Again, it’s recommended that you ensure your vertical blinds are bigger than the doors, so that when they are moved to the sides, they will clear the openings, and allow you to get easier access.

Perhaps you have imposing floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking an attractive garden, a forest or the sea and don’t want your blinds to block it. An effective resolution is to get vertical blinds that stack away on the sides of your windows. Look for blinds which include a small stacking space. In general the bigger the stacking space the more view you will lose.

Fabric blinds are a very good option. Due to the lightweight nature of fabric, when top quality material is employed, fabric blinds will stack away smaller and cleaner on the sides, and won’t produce an unattractive column. They look beautiful while they are in your window and are almost unseen when drawn into the sides.

Fabric blinds are a silent choice, as they make substantially less noise whilst moving in the wind, either natural or due to the air conditioner. If you have walls adjacent to your windows, you could get the blinds a few inches wider than the glass window pane to ensure that the windows aren’t hidden.

Arched windows and eyebrow windows are exceptionally attractive within a house. Many times they are used as accent glass, fitted to produce further light and enhanced beauty. Now and then, however, their position may call for you to conceal them.

These unusual shaped windows are often a total nightmare in terms of attaching blinds. In this case it’s better to buy a blind that may be cut or shaped to the size you require.

When covering these windows, we recommend you make use of fabric blinds, because they’ll allow at least part of the additional light to remain, whilst cutting out the majority of the sunlight and maintaining your privacy.

You might have a space that receives a strong breeze. This can be from gaping windows, or foot traffic, as well as due to a strong air conditioner. Metal blinds and plastic blinds are inclined to be noisy while they move. As we noted, fabric blinds are a better solution as they are quieter.

Finally, all of us have those windows in our homes which are tough to access. For these windows it’s not so much the blinds you choose but the accessories to go with them. Extra long cords and chains can be unsightly and can also be hazardous to children and pets.

If your vertical blinds and their controls are truly out of reach, consider remote controls. Remote controls, whilst a bit costlier, do add further value to the house as well as simplifying the operation of the window blinds.

Skylights, arches, eyebrows, and sometimes even portal windows can be problematic when selecting window treatments, but a small amount of resourcefulness and suitable accessories are all that are needed to perfectly fit vertical blinds to any window.

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