The sun (the reason we are alive on this planet and functioning with energy) is our life support system but can also be our enemy, which is part of the reason why solar blinds in Cape Town, is so important. Although Australia has the highest level of Ultra Violet (UV) radiation in the world, we still have dangerously high levels of UV radiation in SA.

Although many animals and insects can see UV light, we humans cannot. However, our skins absorb this kind of light to create vitamin D (just 15 minutes exposure during the morning or evening is all you need). It is also this light spectrum that causes us to catch a “tan”. Luckily, the earth’s magnetic field is strong enough to keep a thick atmosphere around it. It is the ozone layer of this atmosphere which protects us from most of the UV light emitted by the sun (although, sadly that is also being depleted).

UV light is a dangerous thing; the photons that make up the light are highly energized and some to highly energized for human skin to handle even through untreated glass windows. But it’s not just our skins; everything else on this planet also reacts to UV light. Some light is so highly energized that when it hits an atom it can either rip electrons right off or split chemical molecules apart. The solution – install solar blinds in Cape Town to filter out the worst of the UV light.

Solar Blinds in Cape TownUV light is responsible for the bleaching effect you get from leaving objects in the sun for a few months. The UV light knocks off electrons from atoms that create colour pigment and as time progresses the colour substance slowly erodes away. The result is sunbleached furniture or fabrics. It also reacts on other materials in your home (think plastics and wood), causing slow deterioration over time. Not only will your skin thank you for fitting solar blinds in Cape Town, but your wallet too; saving you from having to replace or restore your furniture.

On the positive side, human beings are very creative and we have discovered how to manipulate UV light to our advantage. For example, UV light is used to kill bacteria and viruses in sterile environments, as well as scanning paper money for counterfeits. Luckily, those kinds of UV light are not dangerous to us.

We now also have effective protection against ultra violet light. Just look at all the sunblock lotions available at pharmacies!

With specific materials that are chemically strong enough to block out UV rays, we can also protect our homes and delicate furniture. Solar blinds in Cape Town can filter out most of the UV rays entering your home thus keeping your furniture’s chemical structure intact for much longer.

At Blinds Exact, we offer an exciting new fabric for solar blinds in Cape Town which allows light to filter through, yet deflects the harmful, harsh sunlight out the room and still allows you to see out the room. We also offer the popular Everso solarscreen reflective range of roller blinds as well.