Selecting the Right Colour Blinds

Colour can make the world of difference to your window blinds…

You’ve updated the décor in your home and you’ve finally made the decision to install window blinds throughout (or maybe just replace old blinds). You’ve decided on the type of blinds that will most suit each room, but now you need to decide on colour.

The blinds you choose for your windows have more of an impact on the overall look of your décor than you may realize. Windows are important focal point in Selecting the Right Colour Window Blindsa room. They naturally attract the eye and should highlight your overall décor style. This is why choosing the correct colour for your blinds is very important too.

Wooden Blinds:

If you are having wooden blinds fitted (like wooden Venetian blinds or bamboo roller blinds), choosing the correct shade of wood is also important. Choose wooden blinds that will blend in with wooden furniture already in the room.


With fabric blinds, it’s important to decide beforehand how much light you would like your blinds to allow in the room before settling on the colour. Blinds are available in colours that are almost transparent, allowing lots of light into the room, to completely opaque.

Setting the Mood:

Selecting the Right Colour Window BlindsYou may want to create different moods in different rooms.

For example, you may want to have serene colours like pale blue in the bedroom to help you sleep or the calming effect of muted, earthy colours in your living room.

Autumn colours, like reds and oranges, add warmth and vibrancy.

Changing the Appearance:

Choosing the correct colour blinds can help you change the appearance of a room.

Light coloured blinds will emphasize the size of an already large room. This is great if that’s the affect you choose, but to make a large, cold room seem cosier go for darker, warmer shades.

On the other hand, having darker blinds in an already small and dark room will make it seem even smaller and darker. Using pale or neutral tones will help to make the room appear larger.


It is important to match your blinds to the function you want your windows to serve.

Selecting the Right Colour Window BlindsIf you don’t want them to be very noticeable, choose neutral coloured blinds and make sure your walls are painted a bolder colour than the blinds.

If your windows are focal points, make sure you choose bright, bold or patterned fabrics for your blinds.

Overall Design:

Whatever the overall design of the room, make sure you choose blinds in a colour and style that complements it.

For example, for more rustic, country styled homes, you would normally choose more earthy tones and not bright pinks or purples that would clash with the rest of your décor.

Take into account all aspects of the room, including flooring, walls, upholstery and artwork to make sure that your blinds will add beauty to the room and not detract from or clash with any other features.

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