Roller Blinds

A Wide Range of Roller Blinds available!

shearweave roller blindsRoller blinds are functional and decorative irrespective of whether in the private or commercial sector.

Depending on the sunlight and the desired degree of shading or sight protection, you can choose from a selection of fabrics. From absolutely dense textiles to fine almost transparent fabrics, a wide range is available

The block out (sunblock) ranges comes in a huge selection of colour and materials.

The material is affixed to a mill finish aluminium roller tube into which fits a side control mechanism, with the choice of having the control on either the left or right side.

By means of the side control mechanism the blind can easily be stopped at a desired position.  The blinds can also be finished off with a pelmet-like valance to enhance the product.

We have an exciting new fabric in the solar range which allows light to filter through yet deflects the harmful, harsh sunlight out the room and still allows you to see outside the room.  We also offer the ever so popular Solarscreen reflective range of roller blinds.

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All kinds of Custom Made Home and Office Blinds

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