Patio Ideas for Winter

Outdoor Décor for your Patio:

There’s nothing like spending time outside around a braai with good friends, enjoying the fresh air. As South Africans, that’s an integral part of our lifestyle, yet in winter we find ourselves cooped up indoors most of the time. We’ve decided to share some of our patio ideas to ensure your outdoor décor will have you spending almost as much time outside as you did in summer.

Outdoor Décor: Patio Ideas for WinterOutdoor Roller Blinds:

If you don’t already have outdoor blinds installed, now is a good time to consider it. They provide protection from the elements yet are also easily retractable and complement any décor style.

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Fire Pit:

Creating a fire pit is easier than you think. Select a spot on your patio that’s out of the way and seldom used. Build the pit using old bricks that have been left lying around. Use any leftover bricks or even tree trunks to Outdoor Décor: Patio Ideas for Wintercreate seating (great if you enjoy rustic looking décor).

This is a wonderful way to get kids outdoors as they’ll love having their friends over to toast marshmallows while sipping on hot chocolate.

Gas Heaters:

If you don’t have space for a fire pit on your patio, consider investing in an outdoor gas heater. They cost a lot less than electric heaters and that way you can still enjoy braaiing during winter.

Pizza Oven:

Outdoor Décor: Patio Ideas for WinterIf you have the space, consider installing a pizza oven on your patio. It’s a great alternative to a braai! Everybody enjoys pizza and what better way to enjoy a chilly winter’s night than with friends eating pizza? A pizza oven will also work well with any décor style.


Winter’s a wonderful time to relax in a Jacuzzi and patios are the ideal spot for them as you don’t have to worry about splashing indoors. Have a look at the various designs to find one that suits your décor style.


Outdoor Décor: Patio Ideas for WinterNothing beats curling up with a good book on cold winter’s day. A hammock hung from 2 pillars on your patio (or a free stranding one) will ensure that you’re protected from the elements. Now all you need are some thick, snuggly blankets and a good book.

There are plenty of ways you can make the patio your favourite space in your home this winter.

If you love Indian inspired décor, have a look at this video on how to give your outdoor room and Indian theme. It certainly adds lots of warmth and is great for and Indian themed party:

If you have any patio ideas to liven up your outdoor décor this winter, feel free to share them by commenting below…

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