Vertical Blinds Maintenance For Maximum Efficiency

Maintaining Vertical Blinds:

Do your vertical blinds still perform as well as they did when they were new, giving you the same benefits now as they did at first?

In other words, do they traverse back and forth, as well as rotate open and shut easily?

Do they still look as good as they did in the beginning? And just as importantly, has your blind stayed properly attached?

Vertical BlindsIf your blind doesn’t meet all the aforementioned conditions, it may be due to wear and tear. This is a common part of the lifetime of all blinds and may quite easily be rectified.

However, the higher the quality of the blinds you invest in, the less maintenance it will need.

A vertical blind may be made using fabric louvers. Always enquire about the washability of the material.

Better quality fabric louvers are washable and as a result can be kept clean over a longer period of time.

In general, fabric louvers aren’t machine washable but the material may be spot cleaned by hand with a gentle detergent then patted dry with a clean rag.

Careful attention needs to be paid to the recommended cleaning guide before proceeding.

Owing to the vertical design of the blind itself and the lack of horizontal surfaces where dirt can gather, most blinds may be kept unsoiled by merely dusting regularly.

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Static electricity oftentimes contributes to the adherence of dust onto the louvers and in this instance using an antistatic cloth is recommended. This may minimise or eliminate most of the static and therefore reduce maintenance.

Blinds with PVC louvers have gained popularity through the years and may easily be detached from the track and cleaned with detergent either in your bathtub or in your garden with a hose.

Make certain that they are totally dry before re-attaching to the track to avoid unattractive water marks. Be very careful when removing and reinstalling the louvers that the track carriers are not damaged.

Should some of your PVC louvers be damaged or missing, it may be a sign that the entire vertical blind may need replacing.

The mechanical functioning of all of the components of vertical blinds is essential to their operation and will need to be examined and occasionally maintained.

This is as simple as pulling the cord to make sure it’s travelling smoothly, as well as the chain to check on the rotation of the louvers.

If the louvers fail to line up correctly, just pull the chain to its maximum to bring the misaligned carrier(s) into alignment with the others (if the carrier system on track is of the self-aligning variety found in top quality vertical blinds).

Spray a thin coat of silicone inside the vertical track to improve the travelling of the carriers, improve the operation of the window blind and quieten the operation of your blinds.

One more item very often overlooked is the correct installing of the cord pulley to the wall surface.

When the cord pulley is properly fixed and the proper amount of tension is put on the pull cord, the carrier system will function efficiently.

Regular maintenance of your blinds is the best way to ensure your blinds remain beautiful and operate perfectly.

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