Dressing Up Windows & Doors

Interior Décor Ideas: Windows & Doors

Windows & Doors are an integral part of your interior décor…

Windows and doors are often regarded as purely functional aspects of a home. We see them every day without even giving them a second glance and forget the vital role they play when it comes to the character of a building. We have several interior décor ideas to share with you to make the most of these architectural features.

Windows and doors are the openings to our houses, connecting the interior with the outside world. They provide us with natural light, security and ventilation, but they are also a reflection of the owner’s personality and style and are as important as any other décor feature in the home.


Windows have an enormous influence on the décor of your home. From where they are situated to how big they are, whether they have aluminium or wooden frames.

Windows will affect the temperature of the interior of your home as well as how bright the light is. Here in sunny Cape Town, north-facing windows are very popular, allowing daylight into the home almost all day long.

Curtains or Blinds:

Interior Décor Ideas: Windows & DoorsWhile some may prefer to have curtains as window dressings, other may prefer the cleaner look that blinds provide. Of course, there’s no reason you can’t have both.

Not only are curtains and blinds are very important in providing privacy and keeping out the light, they are also an important way to enhance your interior décor.

If you have a wonderful view, you may not want to hide it completely. Roman blinds and roller blinds will block out the light when necessary, but allow you to enjoy the view when they are open. When it comes to fabric blinds, you can choose fabric to perfectly complement your décor.

Interior Décor Ideas: Windows & DoorsVertical and venetian blinds will allow you to filter the light to your desire but allow you more privacy. Our wooden venetian blinds come in a range of tints to suit your décor.

Aluminium blinds will suit any office space.


While it would be wonderful to replace the doors in your home to suit your décor style, that isn’t always possible. Sometimes, a coat of paint can make a world of difference though.

Front Door:

If you are really unhappy with the doors in your home but can only afford to replace one, this is the important one.

Interior Décor Ideas: Windows & DoorsYour front door is the first thing that guests will see and more importantly that you will see every day. Make sure it reflects your personality.

A front door need not be a heavy ornately carved wooden door to make an impression. A plain door painted a bright colour can make a bold statement.

If the entrance to your home is quite dark, consider having a door with glass panels installed. This should brighten up the area. Or, if you have a door with glass panels but would prefer more privacy, have roller blinds or bamboo blinds fitted to the door.

Other doors:

While there isn’t much you can do with other doors in the home, aside from painting them, other interior doors that lead outside are also very important.

While back doors are usually very utilitarian, you can make the most of them by keeping them well-maintained.

Interior Décor Ideas: Windows & DoorsGlass doors leading onto the patio create a more open, airy feeling. Use vertical blinds on sliding doors to control the light and roller, bamboo or wooden venetian blinds on French doors.

Whatever your décor style, you can find a door or update your existing doors to match. Don’t be afraid to experiment and stand out and don’t forget that even changing your doorknobs will make for a refreshing change. Just remember to do your research when deciding on new doors so that it remains as functional as it is stylish.

For the DIY fundi, why not try this clever idea to update the doors in your home:

Have fun and be creative when updating your windows and doors. Remember that the front of your home is its face and that the windows are the eyes of your home, making them vital parts of your décor.

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