Decorate Your Window Sills

Interior Décor includes Window Sills

Whether you’re looking for interior décor ideas for a large family home or a small bachelor’s apartment, you’re bound to have a few window sills in your home that can be utilised.

Window sills are great spots for displaying various décor items, not matter what your window treatments, whether you have blinds or curtains.


Interior Décor IdeasCandles are both decorative and functional and a window sill is a wonderful place to arrange your candles. You could choose to collect a variety of different shaped candles in a similar colour or vice versa.

With the wide variety of candle holders available, you won’t be short of ideas.

As an added bonus, collect scented candles to display and the breeze entering your windows will ensure that the interior space smells wonderful. And with the potential power outages looming in winter, you won’t have to search the house for candles.


Photo Frames:

Interior Décor IdeasThis is a wonderful way to display photos and save counter top space.

There’s no need to choose matching photo frames, just decide on a matching colour scheme to suit the room’s décor and choose frames of the same colour in different styles and textures. You can also paint old wooden frames to match.

For more contemporary interiors, choose metallic frames. You can even spray-paint old frames to match.

Don’t worry too much when arranging them on the window sill or it may look too staged.

If you are one of those people that hold onto old gift bags and gift wrap for sentimental reasons or because you believe you will use it for a craft project one day, here’s a picture frame you can make yourself:


Glass Bottles:

Interior Décor IdeasInstead of throwing away attractive glass bottles, collect them to decorate an empty window sill. These can be any type of bottle, from wine bottles, vinegar bottles and mason jars to small perfume bottles.

Mix and match to your heart’s content. You can choose to collect blue bottles, green bottles or clear bottles.

If you’re looking to add more colour to clear bottles, just use glass paint which is available at any arts and crafts store.


Interior Décor IdeasWindow sills are ideal for sun loving plants like cacti and other succulents. For more delicate plants, choose windows that don’t get as much sunlight.

Imagine having fresh herbs available all the time on your kitchen window sill.

For smaller apartments that don’t have gardens, this is a wonderful way of creating a miniature indoor garden. Not only do plants add a bit of colour and life to your décor, they also do a wonderful job of filtering the air in interior spaces.

How do you utilise your window sills? Share your interior décor ideas with us by commenting below…

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