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Interior Décor Ideas:

Interior Décor Ideas: StripesFor those of you who love to stay up to date with the latest interior décor ideas, I’m sure you’ve all seen that stripes are popular in a big way. If you enjoy a very graphic look, stripes of all colours and sizes can be incorporated into every room of your home, giving it a very stylish and crisp look.

Unfortunately, not many of us can afford to complete transform our décor from season to season, but with the stripes, you can bring the latest trend into your home without having to spend a fortune. Here’s how:

Interior Décor Ideas: StripesScatter cushions are usually the first items to reflect new trends and you will find striped cushions available at almost any home store. Combine them with your other patterned cushions on a neutral couch to create bright focal points.

In small rooms, use curtains or even Roman blinds with vertical stripes to draw the eye from top to bottom. This will create the illusion of more space. Of course, both Venetian and vertical blinds will create beautiful striped shadows on walls and floors too. Contact us for more information on our range of blinds.

If you’re feeling bold, use stripes on sofas and chairs to grab attention. To create a relaxing ambience, Interior Décor Ideas: Stripeschoose thin stripes in cool colours like white and blue. For a vibrant, energized room, use thick stripes in bold clashing colours. You need not buy a new lounge suite or have your current lounge suite re-upholstered to achieve this new décor trend though. Simply have slip covers made in your favourite stripe fabric. Stripes work well with vintage themes, beach cottage themes, as well as more modern, monochrome themes.

For the braver homemaker who wants to make a statement, try striped walls and/or ceilings. Remember Interior Décor Ideas: Stripes– the wider the stripe, the bolder the affect. If you’re feeling very brave, go for thick stripes in vibrant colours. Creative types can try painting their own stripes. You will also find several beautiful striped wallpaper designs to try out. Try painting or wallpapering just a single focal wall if you’re not sure about doing all the walls. Remember to use shades from the same colour palette on walls to create a less harsh affect. Try not to go overboard with stripes though – striped walls call for neutral furniture.

Have a look at this video on how to paint stripes on walls:

Unless you’re going for a very bohemian look, try not to mix patterns. While this will look good with different scatter cushions on a neutral couch, mixing stripes with a floral print couch, animal print rug and polka dot curtains will definitely clash – not the look the new stripe trend is trying to create.

Interior Décor Ideas: StripesFor those who enjoy clean, almost Zen-like or ultra-modern interior décor, black and white stripes against a neutral background makes a bold statement and is right on trend. A great idea is to try just a black and white stripe rug against a white background.

Have you tried the stripe trend in your home? Share your décor ideas with us by commenting below…

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