New Windows & Doors For Summer

Exterior & Interior Décor Ideas For A New Look:

This is the time of year when most of us consider updating our homes to welcome summer. Many will spruce up their interior décor, while others will go that one step further and do a bit of remodelling.

Interior Décor IdeasYou’d be surprised how small changes can make such a big difference. To give your home a small facelift, why not put in new doors and windows? These are such key elements in any home and will make a refreshing change but do spend some time considering exactly what style you want and what material you prefer.

The most popular materials for windows and doors are wood and metal (specifically aluminium). Both have very different, distinctive looks and both are long-lasting.

Traditional Décor:

If you prefer a more traditional look to your home, whether it is antique wooden furniture, a more rustic country style or even a lovely beach cottage look, nothing else compares to the beautiful look and feel of a natural wood grain in doors and windows.

Interior Décor IdeasSolid wooden doors are naturally more expensive, but luckily those are only necessary for the front and back door. Choose hollow core wood doors for your interiors that are lighter and less expensive.

Although wooden window frames need proper maintenance and treatment to prevent warping from the elements, they do have the advantage of being quite easy to repair if they get scratched. All that’s needed is a little sandpaper, wood filler and varnish to repair nicks and scrapes.

Modern Décor:

While there are several metal options available for doors and window frames, aluminium is the most popular due to it being extremely strong yet also lightweight. If you prefer a sleek, modern home, aluminium is best.

Interior Décor IdeasWhile metal window frames and doors may seem pricey at first glance, the fact that they require almost no maintenance once they’ve been installed makes them an extremely attractive option. Aluminium doesn’t warp; in fact the elements have virtually no impact on it. It doesn’t harm to check for rust on metal regularly though, if left untreated you may eventually need to replace the entire fitting.

Another advantage to aluminium is that it can be powder coated in any colour you prefer so there’s no need to stick with a metallic finish. Of course, this must be done before installing the window frames.

Aluminium is also flexible when it comes to unusual window designs. Being a strong metal, it can accommodate larger, heavier window panes even though the frame remains light and easy to open and close.

Interior Décor IdeasDecisions, Decisions!

Both wood and metal doors and window frames have several benefits, making it somewhat difficult for one to choose. If you have unusually shape windows and doors it’s important to check that your material of choice can accommodate them.

After that, it’s purely a matter of choice. Decide on what looks and feels right and whether it suits your exterior and interior décor. Once it’s been fitted, all that remains is choosing the perfect window treatments and blinds to show off your home to its utmost.


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