Eco-Friendly Honeycomb Fabric Blinds

With the rise of an eco-friendly modern society it is only fitting that window blinds become “greener”.

With heat always moving towards a colder space the heat in your home is lost during winter through the cold glass panes.

When summer comes, the heat entering your home seldom has a way of escaping unless you open a door or make use of an air conditioner (leading to sky-high electricity bills).

While all blinds offer some protection against temperature extremes and gives light control, some (like our honeycomb fabric blinds) are specifically designed to provide outstanding insulation.

In the late 1970’s during the energy crisis of the USA, the honeycomb fabric blinds concept was developed by Wendell Colson while he was still a young architect.

The idea arose when he was shivering from the cold in bed and looked at his curtains where they made an irregular folding pattern, reminding him of a honeycomb capturing air.

Trapping air in small ‘pockets’ is an efficient way of controlling the airflow in any given space, with controlled airflow you automatically have more control over temperature as the temperature won’t move around as much in the room.

Honeycomb Fabric BlindsHoneycomb blinds come in large variety of colours, fabrics, pleat sizes and different lifting mechanisms.

But how do these blinds actually save energy?

The air pockets inside the blinds limit airflow to and from the window pane, the place where the heat actually escapes.

The honeycomb fabric that the blinds are made of does not conduct heat very well; this basically creates a “room” between the window and the blind and only the temperature between those two will be affected as the blind will not conduct any extra heat out of your living space nor let it in from the outside.

Naturally, they also keep out the invisible enemy, UV-light.

If you do not like the design of honeycomb fabric blinds there are many more specially designed blinds available to save energy.

Some have been proven to save up to 50% on the heating and cooling expenses which in impacts on your environment.

In the end, all of our blinds will help you to insulate your home better, whether they are made from honeycomb fabric or bamboo, lowering your electricity bills and ensuring a greener home.

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