Home and Office Blinds: 5 Things to consider before buying


Window blinds are lovely alternate options to curtains since they’re just less cumbersome, stronger than textiles, and more affordable and simpler to clean. They enable you to restrict the level of daylight, shading, ventilation and privacy.


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Selecting the proper window covering is often confusing with the huge variety of options available. Try not to decide on a design purely according to its decorative effect only.

 Here are some questions to reflect on before you place the order for your blinds:


 1. What are your needs for privacy?

You will almost certainly want further privacy in your bedroom in contrast to the living or dining room, thus a different covering should be considered for each.

2. Which way does the window face?

In general as a guide to finding the best window coverings ideas, opt for blinds with an ‘openness factor’ of five percent or less to prevent glare problems for windows facing east-west direction. If the window faces the north-south direction, you can select one with “openness factor” of upwards of five percent since there’s minimal direct sun exposure.

3. What are your needs for sunlight management?

If light control is a problem, go for Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, louvers redirect sunlight, and control the degree of sunlight penetration into the area – just tilt or rotate the slats.

4. How do your windows open and how often do you open them?

Some windows open up, some out and some in. There is no point in installing attractive blinds with knotted up slats whenever you would like to obtain some fresh air.

5. What’s your budget?

Quality blinds can cost even more than curtains, so they may become a hefty investment. Make sure that your cash is well spent by choosing blinds in keeping with each area’s exact requirements and the effect you want to create (in case you are design-conscious).



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