Window Blinds, Easy Maintenance Suggestions

Some quick guidelines for cleaning your window blinds:

  • Gentle dusting using a feather duster once weekly to keep your window blinds clean.
  • Opening the louvers to one side, dust, change the side and dust once more.
  • If you find marks on material blinds, wipe it using a damp cloth.
  • Vacuum weekly.

Watch this video for more tips:

Connie Botha owner of Blinds Exact in Table View, Cape Town share some expert tips on taking care of your blinds.

Thorough cleaning of your blinds a few times a year is also suggested.

For deeper cleaning of blinds, we advise cleaning by a professional specialist cleaning company.

Venetian Blinds

Should you want to try to wash the blinds yourself the following is a suggestion for aluminium and wood effect Venetian blinds only, since it is not recommended that wood blinds are soaked in water as this causes warping of the slats:

    • Open your blinds fully before removing them from their window tracking and placing them in the bathtub. If you do not have a bathtub, a child’s plastic pool works nearly as good.
    • Fill the bathtub with tepid water around three quarters of the way filled or sufficient to completely cover the blinds.
    • Put in 4 litres of white vinegar into the bathwater and swish it round with your hands. The vinegar will corrode the grime on the blinds without corroding into the blinds themselves.
    • Allow the blinds to soak in the bathwater until the grime has fully disintegrated. Stir the water to work loose exterior grime from your blinds.
    • Drain the bathtub and rinse the tub and blinds in cold water. Use your shower or shower head attachment. Cleaning your tub fully after finishing with the blinds is highly suggested.
  • Permit blinds to dry outside lying on a big unsoiled towel during summer. During cold weather, pat dry blinds with a soft clean towel before hanging back on the window.


Wood Blinds

Wood blinds create other hassles and require different strategies for cleaning than your typical vinyl or aluminium blinds. You can’t use water for cleaning of wood blinds, which means that a number of the strategies referred to above just won’t work.

 The following pointers are better to bear in mind whilst cleaning wood blinds:

  • Dusting gloves, dust cloths, and vacuum cleaners with round brush fittings are first-rate alternatives for washing wooden blinds, they may be used while the blinds are hanging or while the blinds are laying flat for washing.
  • A few wooden blinds could be cleaned using a damp (very lightly damp) cloth. Confirm the manufacturer’s directions ahead of doing so and if you cannot locate the directions, avoid using liquid altogether.
  • Move from left to right or right to left whilst dusting horizontal blinds and make use of downward strokes when it comes to dusting vertical blinds.
  • If you want to concentrate on a specific stain, pay close consideration to the problem section utilizing a dry dusting cloth.

Fabric Blinds

Window Blinds: Roman BlindsMaterial blinds are inclined to attract more dust than the other blinds referred to in this article. As a result they will require further regular cleaning in order to avoid excessive build-ups of dust.

  • Vacuuming in addition to brushing are the simplest methods of eradicating dirt from blinds made of material. Doing so will also prolong the attractiveness of these specific types of blinds.
  • You may clean them by soaking them in water however be wary while doing so as fading and discoloration is a possible snag when it comes to doing so. You may choose to take them to the dry cleaners instead of risk damaging them by washing them in your own home.

Fixing Blinds:

What if the cables are twisted or the blinds are jammed? Attempt these simple window blind repair ideas:

  • Jammed Cord – The correct method to raise the blind would be to grab the tassel which holds the cords together, and pull. Sometimes you may find the blinds do not raise or lower evenly. This is probably due to a stuck cable. Solution – Hold the tassel and try pulling once more, this time ensuring that you pull all of the cables as one. If that fails, phone for a repair man.
  • When a one of the louvers of a vertical blinds is damaged or badly stained, it can be removed and replaced, depending on the material.

For more advice on maintaining your window blinds, contact Blinds Exact in Cape Town today!

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