Combined Study & Guest Room

Décor Ideas for a Spare Room:

Décor Ideas: Combined Study & Guest RoomIt may be that one of the children has moved out or you may have bought a larger home because you specifically wanted an extra room as a study but you’re now looking for clever interior décor ideas.

Why not make your spare room work twice as hard by turning it into both a guest room and a study. With a few clever décor tweaks, you’ll have a flexible interior that can switch between study and bedroom in a jiffy.

Remember to throw in a bit of your own personal, whimsical touch to prevent it from feeling more like an office than a home.


If you have enough interior space, certainly add a double bed to the room, as long as there is enough room for a desk without the room feeling cluttered.

Décor Ideas: Combined Study & Guest RoomOtherwise, opt for a sleeper couch. It’s a great investment for when unexpected guests visit and also wonderful for catching a quick 40 winks in the afternoon.

It can always be made to look and feel warmer with soft throws and blankets. Add scatter cushions for a splash of colour to brighten up the décor.

Extra throws and linen can be stored in an ottoman.


Décor Ideas: Combined Study & Guest RoomMake sure the desk you choose is able to multi-task. Keep the desk free of clutter and fit a plain mirror to the wall, that way it will also be an ideal place for visitors to layout their makeup and accessories.

Bulky, old-fashioned desks are no longer necessary because of technology becoming more and more streamlined. Choose a simple, well-made desk to blend in with any décor.


Décor Ideas: Combined Study & Guest RoomIf you have a normal bed with bedside tables, instead of using up the space on them with table lamps, fit hanging lights on either side of the bed and rather have a lamp on the desk itself.


Opt for flexible, decorative storage.

A chest of drawers works well for storage in both guest rooms and studies. Keep at least 2 of the top drawers free for guests and use the others for your home office accessories. iPads and laptops can be stored in the bottom drawers when it’s being used as a guest room.

Floating shelves also work very well for storing any office clutter, freeing up more desk space. Otherwise, leave shelves mostly free with just a few decorative items on so that guests can make use of them and use customised boxes for storage of all your office stationery.

Décor Ideas: Combined Study & Guest RoomDon’t forget about wall hooks! They’re a wonderful way to create extra storage space. Use them to hang calendars or even coats. Don’t just hang them out of sight behind doors; create decorative features on the wall using circle hooks.

Thoughtful Extras:

If you have the space, add a chair next to the bedside table near a window to create a cosy reading nook. Consider fitting wood Venetian blinds or Roman blinds to enhance any décor style and to allow guests to control the light entering the room.

Little luxurious extras like tissues, magazines and even iPod docking stations are always welcome. Keep fresh flowers on the bedside table.

Have a look at this beautiful home office in a bedroom:

Do you have a spare room that you’ve converted to a combined guest room and study? Share your décor ideas with us by commenting below.

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