Cleaning Wood Venetian Blinds

How to Clean Wood Venetian Blinds!

If you’ve recently fitted beautiful new wood Venetian blinds in your home, you will want to keep them looking new for as long as possible.

And if you haven’t yet installed wood Venetian blinds but have been considering it, you may be thinking that the maintenance can be very tedious.

Think again! Looking after your Wood Venetian Blinds is generally a lot simpler than most of us imagine.

Follow these guidelines and you can keep your blinds looking brand new:

Weekly Cleaning of Wood Venetian Blinds

This is a fast and easy way to ensure your wood Venetian blinds stay dust free so you don’t need to perform major maintenance work on them at a later stage. There are two methods to do a regular clean:

Cleaning Wood Venetian BlindsDusting:

Use a static duster to dust the wood Venetian blinds, starting from the top, and using a left to right movement to wipe across all louvers.

Keep the blinds in the closed position for this, and once completed, turn them to shut the other way so you can clean the other side.

This is not the ideal method, as no matter how good your static dust-attracting cleaner is, there will still be dust that has dislodged, flying in the air and settling on other pieces of furniture in the room.

If this is the method you opt for, return to the area a bit later, after all the dust has settled and give the other furniture a quick dust as well.


The best method to clean wood Venetian blinds, which is more practical and faster, is simply to vacuum them while they’re in the closed position.

The majority of vacuum cleaners come with a small round brush attachment – utilise this fitting to vacuum left to right across each louver, starting from the top of the blinds.

If the wood Venetian blinds are big, it’s simpler to hold them in place using one hand while vacuuming, to prevent them from knocking against the window.

This method minimizes any excess dust from escaping into the area, and the brush is a first-rate instrument for getting dust out of the overlap space between the louvers, and those fiddly bits where the cords attach the louvers together.

After you have vacuumed one side of the wood blinds, just rotate them to close in the other direction so that you can repeat on the other side.

3 Monthly Cleaning of Wooden Venetian Blinds

Commence with your usual weekly clean, then, wearing damp (not wet) cotton gloves dipped in 1/3 vinegar to 2/3 water, wipe each louver clean and allow to dry.

It’s easiest to keep your wood Venetian blinds in the open position, and make use of your gloved hands to ‘grip’ all wood louvers between the index and middle fingers, being sure your glove is in contact with both sides of the louver.

In this way, hold the louver in the centre using both hands and draw your hands out towards the end of the blind, cleaning both sides together.

If you’re cleaning larger custom wood blinds, you’ll have to do it in sections, working your way down from the top to the bottom and then across to the next part.

So, as you can see, it isn’t that hard to clean real wood blinds and keep them dust free and looking great. Now there’s no more excuses!

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