Choosing Roman Blinds or Roller Blinds

Choosing the Best Window Blinds For Privacy, Light and Decoration

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Selecting window blinds is often overwhelming due to the various styles and the variety on the market but to simplify it to the easiest terms Roman blinds and roller blinds are simply pieces of material hung at the top of the window, which you can pull up or regulate slats to allow light in or keep light out.

Blinds create more space around windows making them perfect window solutions for chaotic spaces, which would include bathrooms as well as kitchens. A great feature of Roman and roller blinds is their ability to totally alter the ambience of a room due to the material from which they are constructed.

Roman blinds made of sheer voile will filter sunlight gently and will offer you a contemporary blind appearance. Utilizing the same type of blind with rich damask as well as a lining would block out the light effectively and would compliment a lovely welcoming space.

Add trimmings or shape the edges of your blinds to add allure and style to your interior décor.

Choosing The Most Suitable Style Window Blinds

Finding the right blinds for your room’s décor ought to start off with understanding the window treatments that you have to work with. The simplest blind type is the roller blind, which consists of a flat piece of fabric that’s stiffened then wrapped round the timber roller and connected to the top of your window with brackets.

Window Treatments: Roller BlindsThis blind’s design makes use of a spring in one end that allows the blind to be adjusted to whatever height with the use of a ratchet system. They may be made from almost any fabric that then has a stiffening agent applied to it, making them wonderful for bathroom and kitchen window blinds.

If you are after a more a luxurious appearance then a Roman blind would be your first choice as it has more fullness and is gathered into a length providing you with a rich, full look. It can also be made from almost any fabric.

As Roman blinds employ a considerable quantity of material it tends to be more expensive. It uses a succession of cords running vertically through rings and then sewn on the rear of the blind’s material to allow it to be raised or let down using numerous different methods.

Creative Combinations For Window Treatments

Mixing Roman or roller blinds with various designs and forms of window treatments will enable you to be more creative with your window decoration ideas.

Roman Blinds

You could combine a light voile (or fabric of a more striking design) full-length curtain along with a blockout roller blind for privacy. Draping decorative fabric on swag holders will soften the appearance of roller blinds.

Otherwise try creating window blinds from translucent voile or muslin for minimal light filtering in rooms that need more light.

Both roller and Roman blinds possess a wonderful linear style that allows them to be combined with contemporary, tailored interior décor.

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