Choosing Blinds To Suit Your Needs

Why Choose Venetian Blinds?

Named after the Venetian merchants who discovered them during their travels in the Far East, Venetian blinds have become very popular in both homes and offices.

They are a simple, yet effective way to protect your home from the harsh sun. Consisting of horizontal slats of either wood, PVC or aluminium that overlap each other; the blinds can be closed to block out all the light, tilted to filter the light to your preferred level or raised completely to allow the light in fully.

Aluminium Venetian BlindsIt is this flexibility as well as their aesthetic appeal that makes them so popular today. At Blinds Exact, we offer you the option of either wooden or aluminium Venetian blinds.

Aluminium Blinds:

Aluminium blinds are extremely durable and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes, making them versatile enough to fit in with the décor of any room. They are low maintenance and will last several years, making them a great option for offices and even bathrooms and kitchens.

Wood Blinds:

For a more sophisticated, timeless look, we prefer wooden blinds. They can be made from various types of woods Wood Venetian Blindsin different shades and sizes. Because of the woods flexibility, they can be made to measure for non-standard window sizes too to ensure that the blinds fit flush within the alcove.

If you’re choosing Venetian blinds for a bedroom or any room where you wish block out more light, choose the mini-blinds. They have narrower slats that enable them to block out more light, making them ideal for blocking out the light for kiddies’ afternoon nap.

Have a look at this short video on how to clean your blinds:

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