Blinds in Cape Town – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by members of the public about our Venetian, Roller and Bamboo blinds in Cape Town (amongst others):

Venetian Blinds in Cape TownCan aluminium Venetian blinds be used at the coast in Cape Town?

All Venetian blinds can be potentially problematic depending on environment.  Particular problems, however, could lie with silver, gold, unpainted aluminium, perforated and exotic colours.

Sufficient ventilation and regular cleaning to prevent the sea air from lying on the slatting will prolong the lifespan of aluminium venetian blinds.

How stable is synthetic wood?

Synthetic wood (PVC) venetian blinds were developed to compliment the wood in moist and high humidity areas, therefore it is not a wood substitute for hot areas.

The product can warp and fade and is 35% heavier than real wood. What makes them popular is the cleaning.  They can be cleaned off with a wet cloth.

Watch this video for tips on how to clean both aluminium and synthetic wood blinds:

Can one see through blinds?

Blinds are designed and intended for decor and sun & light control.  Vertical and roller blinds are obviously not as thick and dense as curtains.  You will be able to discern shapes from the outside when a light is turned on inside by standing almost right up against the window.

There are however blockout blinds for privacy.  When Venetian blind blades are closed it is possible to see through the blind by looking upwards between the closed blades when standing up against the window.

roller blinds in Cape TownHow do I prevent roller blinds from rolling up skew?

Always ensure that you guide the blind when rolling it up.  If the blind rolls up skew the material runs against the brackets and the blind will fray.

How do I prevent bamboo blinds from going mouldy?

Blinds will grow mildew if they get damp/wet and are not dried promptly or rolled up while still damp.  At the coast it is important to ventilate rooms regularly where bamboo blinds have been installed as humidity builds up highly inside houses closed for long periods of time.

Where can I find ready made blinds in Cape Town?

Stores like Mr. Price and Game supply ready made blinds, to some very generic sizing so if your window falls into that category the no problem, however we have found that for a really professional finish 80% of windows and sliding doors require custom made window coverings. The ready made range is also extremely limited.

For more information on all our window blinds in Cape Town, including bamboo, Venetian and roller blinds, contact Connie or Johann from Blinds Exact on 021 55 777 11.

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