Window Blinds – 10 Questions To Consider Before Installing

Want to install window blinds in your home or office?

Selecting window blinds is often a time consuming and emotionally draining task. To avoid a significant waste of your time, cash, emotion and effort, have a look at these 10 questions below for great window coverings ideas.

    1. Window blindsIn what direction is your window oriented? This will determine the amount of sunlight the room and furniture are exposed to as well as the type of fabrics that are chosen for your blinds.
    2. In which room are the blinds going to be installed? Is it a bedroom, bathroom, formal living area or a theatre room?
    3. Is the window in question facing the street or overlooked by another house? This bodes the issue of privacy and the way in which you’ll be able to maintain it without losing your view.
    4. Is the window overlooking an exceptional aspect such as a garden courtyard or picturesque view of the town, waterway or ocean? If there’s no privacy hassles, you might not wish to fit any blinds at all. Although blinds do help to insulate your home.
    5. Is your home an environmentally friendly home? This requires research into the best methods to maintain heat in your dwelling in the course of winter and keeping it as cool as possible through summer. Blinds can help to prevent loss of heat throughout wintry weather and heat gain throughout the summer time.
    6. Are your blinds in keeping with the colour, design and style of the home? Currently, period homes are often combined with more contemporary styles.
    7. What type of window is being considered? Is it a sliding door, an arched window or something more complicated?

What sort of blinds will best suit it?

  • What have you allowed in the budget for blinds? Very often when building a new home, money runs out because cash has not been put aside right from the start of the project. You will find many affordable options in addition to more expensive choices.
    If your property is an investment property then the less costly options should be sufficient although, if this is your dream home that you’re likely to live in for a long time, then take into account solutions that are both practical and add to the design of your house.
  • How easy are the blinds you’re considering to maintain and clean? If your children have allergies then this also needs to be taken into account.
  • What sort of fabric is best suited for your window and what installation position ought to be taken into account? Will it need to block out or allow in sunlight? Will the fabric fade?


Have a look at the video below for cleaning tips on our Venetian blinds:

When you are happy that you have answered all of these questions, you can be sure you will be installing the best window blinds to suit you and your home.

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