Easy Valentine’s Day Interior Décor Tips

Valentine’s Day Interior Décor TipsThe month of love is here and we all know that in a few days time all around the world little hearts and red ribbons will be part of every shop’s interior décor.

But what is Valentine’s Day without the traditional candlelight dinner and the rose petals on the floor?

Most people would rather go to a restaurant for dinner because they find the whole idea of creating a romantic haven at home quite daunting and too much effort for just one day.

But it doesn’t have to be like that at all.

Here are a few quick, easy and inexpensive décor tips that will liven up your Valentine’s day at home and maybe even create the mood perfect for popping the big question without caving in to the commercial notion of spending lots of money on wining and dining at the fanciest restaurants.

    • Valentine’s Day Interior Décor TipsIf you want to stick to classical roses (or any flower for that matter), use a small glass bottle for each rose. Add glitter or food colouring to the water for more vibrancy. If you are planning to put them on the floor, a light behind them, shining through the bottles, will create the perfect interior or exterior setting.
    • Drape your curtains with red organza. You can also include white and later in the year use the organza again for Christmas décor.
  • Write love notes on dinner plates, wineglasses etc. with nail polish. Or use a dry marker pen if a nail polish brush is too difficult to write with. Nail polish remover will remove them both easily afterwards without harming your crockery.
  • Create roses folded out of ribbon to add to your décor. Don’t make too many though as you won’t have much use for them afterwards, just make one or two as keepsakes for your scrapbook. If you’re not sentimental enough to hold onto them, they can be used again when wrapping gifts.
  • Valentine’s Day Interior Décor TipsOld jam jars can be used to make love themed candle holders – perfect for interior settings and just as good to use outdoors for that romantic picnic. Take gift wrap and cut several shapes out of it, paste it around the jar’s outside, candle on the inside and you are done. You can also use tissue paper (plain or decorated), to completely cover the jar, cut out shapes in colour tissue and past onto that.
    For the more creative romantic, use a little glass paint to give a stained glass effect to your décor.
  • Turn chocolate boxes into 3-dimensional wall décor just by cutting them into the desired shapes or covering them with colour paper, glitter or anything else you may like and putting them up with Prestik.
  • If you have a glass pane (like those used to protect the surface of wooden bedside tables), you can use flower petals to lay out a design on your table and lay the glass over it. Beautiful as romantic interior décor, as well as being practical by protecting your table from hot dinner pots. You can even use the idea as a serving plate for serving sushi or similar food.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day at home? Share your interior décor tips and ideas with us by commenting below…

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