Up To Date Décor Tips

Spring / Summer Décor 2012With the new season that has finally arrived, many of us are also looking for décor tips to make changes to our homes.

Spring represents a renewed phase around the world which incorporates a dramatic change from the dull towards more optimism and free flowing colours to brighten your home and leave you feeling cool on the hot days of summer.

This season is focused on vibrant and lively colours, specially mixed batches of colour, similar to contemporary and pop art, giving you a large variety of options to choose from and create your own unique personal style in a trendy way.

We’ve put together a few tips and guidelines to help you style your home in the latest spring summer décor trends.

The main colour trends of the season are:

  • Bellflower, Pantone Nr: 18-3628
  • Margarita, Pantone Nr: 14-0116
  • Tangerine Tango, Pantone Nr: 13-0759
  • Starfish, Pantone Nr: 16-1120
  • Sweet Lilac, Pantone Nr: 14-2808
  • Solar Power, Pantone Nr: 13-0759
  • Cockatoo, Pantone Nr: 14-5420
  • Cabaret, Pantone Nr: 18-2140
  • Driftwood, Pantone Nr: 18-1210
  • Sodalite Blue, Pantone Nr: 19-39536

Take advantage of these beautiful paint colours on your accent walls to highlight features such as:

Wall Murals:

Spring / Summer Décor 2012Use your favourite photographs as wall murals. This will be one of the top trends of the season. Famous artwork prints in antique (or antique-like) frames are also very in this season, especially prints where the original colours have been digitally altered to more outrageous colours than the original artwork.


Rosettes have made a very unusual appearance and during the European Spring it made quite a statement, especially when patterned collages were created from these.

The Gallery Look:

This look has been making quite a statement for the past few years and it is very likely to stay with us in 2012. Find a place that sells inexpensive frames and decorate them yourself to make a matching style or buy different ones and just paint them all the same colour.


Large mirrors are in; if you need/want a large mirror in a room this season, make larger mirrors out of small mirror tiles or irregularly shaped smaller mirrors clumped together.

Furniture that is right on trend:

Painted Drawers:

Turning dull cupboards and chests of drawers into something completely new and trendy is the perfect weekend job for this spring. Paint the drawers each a different colour or make the handle a different colour to the rest of the drawer. Choose a colour that will work well with the original colour of the chest of drawers.

Papered Cupboards and Drawers:

Cupboard doors and drawers can be covered in either wallpaper or high quality craft paper to update it. Look for a paper with a very high gloss finish or a paper that will not tear easily. You can also use two different but matching types of paper on each object.


If this is your season to buy new lamps or change the old ones, look for lampshades of clean tailored linen with lamp bases made out of natural wood. Carved wood is the most fashionable option and attention should be given to the wood’s grain.

Chairs and Couches:

The trend for couches and chairs has metallic fabrics being woven into normal matt fabrics. Choose ones with many patterns, busy shapes and bold prints, but be careful when choosing something that has more than four main colours.

What are your favourite interior décor trends for spring summer décor 2012? Blinds Exact will find the perfect window blinds to suit your interiors, give us a call today!