Outdoor Blinds: 4 Top Advantages


outdoor blinds1. Increased privacy:  custom outdoor blinds are the perfect way that you can get more privacy in your home as well as outside.

Strategically placed this is one of the perfect solutions for busy neighborhoods or simply for finding a bit of added privacy in your backyard.

If you regularly entertain outside or the outdoors is a place that you like to come to relax, additional privacy from outdoor roll up shades can help you significantly.

And in Cape Town where a large part of the population likes to “braai” outdoor blinds is a great way to get shelter from the wind and rain, whilst enjoying the pleasure of a fire and friends.

2. A bit of sun protection: these exterior sun shades can help to keep some of the sun and elements away from your home as well as provide you with some extra protection while you are outside.

Custom outdoor blinds for porches are perfect for keeping son from reflecting its way off of Windows heating up your home as well as reflecting the light back and giving you a sunburn while you are outside.

They can also stay up during the winter and reduced the total amount of cold air that can pass into your home.

3. Dust protection: something as simple as putting up these coverings can provide you with extra dust protection and ensure that your home stays cleaner.

4. Blinds are an affordable way to improve outdoor spaces: you can change the look of your deck or outdoor space with the use of blinds.

These outdoor accessories are traditionally far less expensive than landscaping, and other outdoor improvements.

These are just a few examples on why you should consider the use of outdoor blinds.



Outdoor blinds in Cape Town is a great way you can improve any outdoor space.


If you have an outdoor patio area or even a deck that you would like to showcase as an extra living space on your property, outdoor blinds are one of the best ways that you can create a very homey outdoor space and really showcase any of the outdoor areas that you like to spend the most amount of time in. Also see our article 5 Things to consider before buying outdoor blinds.




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