Measuring Vertical Blinds: Considerations and Guidelines 2023

Measuring Vertical Blinds: Considerations

Always use a steel measuring tape when it comes to measuring for vertical blinds.

Numerous factors should be considered before you decide where you wish to fix your blind:

    1. Where will the bracket fit?
    2. Will the blind be mounted within or outside the recess?
    3. What style blind will you be mounting?
    4. Does the window open inwards? I.e.: slant and revolve?
    5. Will you be able to open the window after the blind is installed?
    6. Will the window handles, or any other objects for example, phone sockets, tiles, et cetera, hinder the blind?
    7. Is the alcove square or does it splay?


Measuring Vertical Blinds: Guidelines

Recess Size

Measure within the recess width at the peak where the headrail will be installed, take note that your bracket has to be mounted away from the window frame and all protrusions.

Measure the drop in a few places, NB: order the blind to your smallest drop.

If you order your vertical blinds at Recess Size we’ll decrease the dimensions as follows: Width by 6mm/ ¼” Drop by 12mm/ ½”.

These allowances enable the blinds to work inside the recess.

Blind Size

If you order blinds to be completed Blind Size we will manufacture them, as well as the components, specifically to those measurements. The width size is going to be from the tip of the control to the end cap; the drop size is going to be from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the hem on the louvers.

Outside Alcove

Should your blinds need to be fitted outside the recess or alcove; the blind size required has to be larger than the recess to gain as much privacy as possible. Measure the width of your recess and add 150mm/6″ on either side of this dimensions that the vertical blinds would overlap the window. Subsequently measure the drop of your recess and include 200mm/8″ on to this measurement that the slats will overlap the window.

Working Your Blinds

The cord control with the attached cord weight is to traverse the blind (send carrier trucks across the window).

The chain control is to twist the louvers through 180º (opening and shutting of your blind). Always revolve blinds sideways ahead of traversing the carrier trucks otherwise the material can become damaged.

In the doubtful event that the carrier trucks go out of alignment proceed as follows:

Revolve the blind by drawing on the chain in any direction as much as it’ll go, then carry on tugging the chain (even if you’ll feel resistance) in the same direction.

This procedure will bring back all trucks that are not in line back into line.


Measuring Vertical Blinds: Caring

Washing Directions

The louvers have been made with washable material, follow these directions:

Louvre Washing

Please peruse the directions thoroughly before continuing. Ideally you should wash your louvers inside the bath. On the other hand a large sink or bowl could be utilised. Care must be taken always to avoid creasing the fabric.
Prior to removing your slats from the blind, unclip the chains at the bottoms of your slats and slide the weights out. Unfasten the slats from the track, taking care to not rumple them.
Gently wash the slats by hand one by one, using warm water and a gentle detergent. Rinse by means of repeating the process in warm, clean water. Several rinses might be required to remove all traces of detergent.
Suspend the louvers out of direct daylight and allow them to drip-dry. They shouldn’t be hung in direct sunlight until they’re entirely dry. Do not Iron! Hang your louvers on the track and replace the weights and chains.

However, if you’re unsure as to whether the fabric is washable, proceed as follows:

  • Detach louvers then wipe with a clean rag made damp with a mix of gentle detergent.
  • Wipe using a clean cloth.
  • Put louvers in between clean, dry cloths and iron lengthwise with iron fixed to “cool”.
  • Re-hang while still damp.

Very important: To reduce shrinkage during cleaning, fabrics must not be allowed to be more than faintly damp.


I you require any further assistance with the care and maintenance of your vertical blinds, or would like a quote on new blinds, contact us today!

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