Measuring Venetian Blinds: Considerations and Guidelines 2023

Measuring Venetian Blinds: Considerations


When measuring your windows for Venetian blinds, there are a number of factors you need to take into consideration, including  where you wish to fix your blind.

  1. Where would the bracket fit?
  2. Should the blinds be fitted within or outside the alcove?
  3. Does the window open inwards that is, slant and turn?
  4. Would one manage to open the window once the Venetian blinds are fitted?
  5. Will the window handles, or other objects for example, phone sockets, tiles etc. impede the Venetian blinds?
  6. Is the recess square or does it splay?

Follow the directions here under when measuring.


Measuring Venetian Blinds: Guidelines

Recess Measurement

  • Measure inside the recess width in 3 spots – top, middle and bottom. Very important order the Venetian blind to the smallest width. Drop in three places left, middle and right.
  • Make sure that you bear in mind any obstacles.
  • Should you order the Venetians at recess size, we will decrease your measurements as follows:
  • Width by 12mm/ ½”. The drop dimensions will remain unchanged.
  • This allowance enables your blinds to function within the recess.

Blind Size

    • When you order your them to be made blind size, we will make them up exactly to those measurements. The width dimensions are going to be from 1 edge of the slats to the other. The drop measurement will be from the top of the bracket to the bottom bar on the blinds.
  • If they need to be installed outside the recess you’ll have to order the blind bigger than the alcove to gain as much privacy as you can.
  • Measure the width of the recess and add 150mm/6″ on each side of this measurement that the blind can overlap the window. Then measure the drop of the alcove and add 200mm/8″ onto this size to overlap the window.

Operating Your Venetian Blinds (Aluminium)

Venetian BlindsThe cable on the blind controls the height of the blind.

The baton operates the incline of the blind’s louvers.

To raise the blinds draw the cable down until the blind reaches your desired height.

To lower them, draw the cable across the face of the blind to free the cord lock and allow the cord to slide through your fingers.

To adjust the incline of the slats twist the stick until they are at the required angle.

Whilst raising or lowering the blinds, slats need to be in the open position.

Operating Your Venetian Blinds

To lift and drop the blinds:

Tug cables to the left to release cord lock. Draw up to lift up the blind or release cables to let down the blind. Pull cords to the right at the desired height to fasten cords in place. If the louvers are one-sided, amend the blind by pulling on 1 or the other strands of cord until slats are horizontal.

Slant function:

Pull specific cords of tilter to either open or close the slats. Do not apply undue force.

Please note: Venetian blinds don’t shut completely – it is the character of the product.

Warning: In the interest of safety, it is advisable to store any pull cables and chain/bead cables out of the reach of children.


Measuring Venetian Blinds: Caring

They simply need to be dusted.

Use a dry rag, a moist cloth or vacuum cleaner with wall-cleaning attachment.

Caution ought to be taken not to bend slats whilst cleaning.

If they become very soiled, wash it using soap and water (aluminium blinds only).





For more information or for help with measuring for your windows or for Venetian blinds repair, contact us today.

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