Measuring Roller Blinds: Considerations


At Blinds-Exact in Cape Town, our expert team will come to your home to take the exact measurements for your roller blinds, but should you choose to measure it yourself, listed below are a few tips to keep in mind.

  1. While measuring , always make use of a steel measuring tape.
  2. Decide what kind of blinds you will be installing.
  3. Make a decision as to where the bracket will be installed?
  4. Will they be installed within or outside the alcove?
  5. Does the window open toward the inside i.e. tilt and turn?
  6. Will you be able to open the window after they are mounted?
  7. Will the window handles, or some other objects e.g. telephone sockets, tiles, and the like obstruct the blind?
  8. Is the alcove square or does it splay?

Measuring Roller Blinds: Guidelines



Alcove Dimensions

Measure within the recess width at the top where the brackets will be fitted, measure the drop in a number of places. (Remember the fabric is going to be at least 38mm (1½”) smaller than the alcove size) Ensure you consider any obstructions.

Material Size

When you order your blind to be finished material size we are going to cut the material to exactly those measurements as well as add the required components.

The difference between material size and alcove size is 38mm / 1½”.

Exterior Recess

If your blinds have to be installed outside a recess you’ll have to order your blind bigger than the recess, this is to achieve as much privacy as possible.

Measure the width of the alcove and add 150mm/6″ on either side of this measurement so the blinds can overlap the window to gain as much privacy as possible. Then measure the drop of the alcove and add 200mm/8″ on the size to overlap the window.

Roller BlindsOperating Your Blinds

Tug the control chain so you are able to either lift or let fall the blind, it should automatically halt at the desired place when you stop pulling.

Looking After Roller Blinds

Material is specially treated and can be wiped using a damp rag to eliminate natural surface dust.

No other remedy ought to be utilised as this can damage the finish.

Don’t roll up blinds while damp, or else mould can develop.

Have a look at the beautiful patterned roller and Roman blinds in this video: