Interior Decorating Tips:

When doing any interior decorating around the home, the window frames are one of the last areas a person thinks about. Very few people even know how much flair and style can be brought into the appearance of a room when the window frames are decorated with a design in a similar style to that of the rest of your room (and we’re not just talking about window treatments like blinds and curtains here).

There are a few people that have already realized the potential of window frames when doing any decorating in their homes and they are receiving compliments all the time. Many people will leave window frames completely unattended and in a few cases, an everyday pot plant will be the only thing to enhance the window’s appearance.

If you’re doing a updates and adding a few decorative touches to your home, we suggest paying attention to your window frames too. Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you:

    • Firstly, clean the windows and frames thoroughly and allow it to dry out completely. Use an old toothbrush to scrub out dirt and grime in the hard to reach areas.
    • Because most window frames are quite thin, the design should be thought out to enhance it. Patterns, words and verses are the most commonly used designs to decorate frames. For instance, when doing the interior Interior Decorating: Window Framesdecorating of a room with an African theme, frames can be painted with zebra stripes or leopard spots. This will bring in added flair to the room without the overly dominant appearance of a chair or large cushion upholstered in the same kind of print.
    • Scrapbooking materials work wonderfully for interior decorating. Scrapbooking is a very common hobby for many people and the supplies are sold almost everywhere. Buy a few letters or words that are made out of a material (for instance thin plastic not paper) to paste onto the frames. The wooden letters sold at craft shops would be excellent to use for this.
  • For people with homes that have a more vintage look, try decoupage. Using a crackling glaze is a great option with only one plain colour layer of paint underneath. If you decide you use a pop art or any other contemporary style when doing the interior decorating of your home, consider decoupaging old magazine cuttings onto the frames.
    Remember that if you are going to the paint the window frames, first do a little bit of sanding and then wash the frames again.
  • Put masking tape around the edges of the glass where it meets with the wood of the window frames to avoid getting paint or glue on the windowpane itself.


Now just imagine how stunning your windows will look when you’ve finished decorating all your window frames and fitted our blinds within the alcoves of your window, enhancing the beautiful designs on the frames.

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