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Alternative Paint Jobs for DIY Interior Decorating:

Spring / summer is the time of year when most of us want to try our hand at some DIY interior decorating and it’s certainly the best time of year for painting walls, interior or exterior.

Alternative Paint Jobs for DIY Interior DecoratingYes, yes, we know that white ceilings make rooms seem bigger and that neutral walls are far more convenient when it comes to decorating and changing colour schemes, but there’s no reason not to challenge conventional wisdom.

Instead of sticking with conventional paint jobs on interior walls, why not try something different this year? Just a quick visit to your local DIY and paint store will prove that there’s a huge range of paint finishes available, not just your average glossy or matte. You can try out suede finishes, chalkboard finishes, or even watercolour finishes.

Alternative Paint Jobs for DIY Interior DecoratingAll this variety before even looking at the large selection of colours available. Here are some tips to try out:


If you would still prefer to stick with a neutral wall, why not try highlighting certain architectural elements with a bright pop of colour?

You could try painting the insides of your window frames in a bright colour, or maybe just your door handles (make sure you choose the right paint for the job). Exposed beams are another great feature to paint in a colour to complement your interior décor, as well as the insides of built-in shelves.

Feature Walls:

Alternative Paint Jobs for DIY Interior DecoratingIf you’re feeling somewhat braver, try painting one entire wall in a different colour to the other walls. This will add some depth to the room and turn the wall itself into a focal point.

If you’re going to create a feature wall, choose a wall that is already a focal point. For example, the wall that the TV is against or that the fireplace is set in. if you don’t have a fireplace and the furniture doesn’t create a focal point, choose the wall opposite the door (this is naturally the first place that people look).

Don’t try to change the focus to another wall, as it will only confuse the eye and cause distractions.

Patterned Walls:

paint4For the adventurous decorated, create patterns on your walls. The easiest patterns would be stripes or even colour blocking.

Choose a neutral colour as your base and then 1 or 2 complementary colours. Plan your design and decide which sections should be painted first. It’s always best to start with the lightest colour as it’s the easiest to paint over if you make a mistake.

Using masking tape, mark out the design on the wall. Masking tape will allow you to create straight lines and it doesn’t stick to tightly so you won’t damage the paint that’s already there.

Have a look at this video on how to tape your walls in preparation for painting stripes:

Allow each section to dry completely before starting on the next.

These DIY interior decorating techniques can be used in any room, creating a fresh new look for the New Year.

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