Interior Décor Trends For 2013

Interior Décor Trends 20132012 is over and we can make way for the new and upbeat styles of 2013. As we have seen in the last couple of years, styles and trends are moving at a super fast pace and it is hard to keep up with it all in between our daily lives.

Although with interior décor, it’s not always about the latest ideas as in the fashion world but it is always good to keep up with styles and to at least show some interest in what is current.

In décor, the newest styles are not designed independently but rather morph out of what was in vogue during the previous season.

This is because these items tend to be more expensive and overdoing it can very easily result in a cluttered room that looks more like a curio shop than the original idea conceived. Although this problem can be easily eliminated if you spend a bit of time thinking about the size of your home and the interior areas you are decorating.

Interior Décor Trends 2013It’s predicted that in 2013 the use of antique furniture in homes will continue to grow. The demand for antiques has grown so large that authentic antiques and newly made furniture (with an antique design/style) can be bought in a very closely related price range.

If you decide to invest in more modern furniture, home designers suggest you buy items that are very plain (in other words unpainted or just in a single colour), no etched in designs and certainly stay away from any glass set in wood combinations.

Nature will still be a focal point for interior designers but a shift can be expected from the more traditional décor colours of greens and olives to more wooden browns, greys and black. Combinations of Interior Décor Trends 2013white and black will be one of the hottest ideas to try out and many designers suggest a cow skin motif or zebra stripes, although caution should be used when using animal prints in the interior of your home as they can quickly make any room seem cluttered.

Gloss, high-gloss and anything with a similar shine will also be very trendy interior finishes this year. A few online magazines have suggested that people start using less metallic décor items and rather opt for those with a glossy finish.

Artificial plastic items and naturally carved marble, stone or wood objects that have been polished to a high shine will work equally well but try to stay away from objects that have only been covered in a high gloss layer of paint as these can chip easily.

Emphasis this year will be given to hanging art. Paintings, posters, photographs and other modern art pieces will be highly fashionable. The décor world is also changing from extravagant pieces like pottery and plates against the walls to the more simplistic and traditional hanging artworks.

Are you planning to update your interior décor this year? Feel free to share your ideas here by commenting below…

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