Interior Décor

Interior Décor for the Zen-Minded

We see them in home makeover magazines and at luxury spas – minimalist Zen inspired bathrooms have become a sought after feature in many modern homes and most of us dream of turning our bathrooms into a haven of tranquillity and ultimate luxury. If you’re considering an interior décor update of your home, consider trying out this Asian theme.

Natural Hues

For a true Zen-like theme, choose colour palettes from nature for your décor. If you’re not sure about what colours to use, take a walk in nature and pay attention to the colours you see all around you.

Less is More

Minimalism is a key feature in all Zen inspired designs to encourage a calm and meditative state.

Avoid clutter by including a large bathroom vanity with plenty of storage space to keep all your bathroom products and the less ornamental décor, the better.

Elements of Nature

Interior Décor: Zen BathroomsA truly Zen bathroom will feature many organic elements in its décor. This can include living plants, lots of wood, pebbles and rocks, as well as organic woven rugs and wooden blinds on the windows.

Natural light is an important feature in a Zen bathroom – the more the better. Contact us to help you choose the best blinds to allow the ideal amount of light into your interior space.

Overhead electric lighting is just as important. Use an overhead feature light fitting to complement the overall design and maybe include some spotlights to highlight your favourite features.

Spa Luxury

Interior Décor: Zen BathroomsWhen creating a Zen-like interior space, the main aim is to create a feeling of harmony, serenity and luxury. Keep this in mind when choosing your décor fittings as well as all the finishing touches.

If you have the space, choose a slightly larger free-standing bath to invite you to soak just a little longer. Choose high quality, neutral coloured towels and your favourite bath time products to add to the spa-like feeling.

The Zen philosophy focuses on living in the present moment, harmony of body and mind and living in balance with nature, making it the ideal philosophy to use to create a tranquil and appealing haven when decorating any interior space, especially a bathroom or even bedroom.

This short video should give you a little inspiration:

Have you recently used a Zen inspired them to update your bathroom? Feel free to share your interior décor advice and tips by commenting below…