Now that you have your window blinds installed and are enjoying the many ways of adapting the different settings of natural light that flows into your home, you may be thinking about adding a few indoor plants to brighten up your interior décor.

All plants require light in order to synthesize and produce food for themselves. However, there are a number of plants that perform better indoors than outdoors as they prefer less exposure to sunlight.  These are perfect for filtering the air in your home as well as adding touches of greenery to your interior décor.

Almost all plants that grow best indoors have their origin in the tropical rainforests because in rainforests the large trees create a canopy over the jungle floor. Only about 5% of all sunlight reaches the ground and these plants have become adapted to the low light conditions.

Listed here are a few plants that perform excellently indoors and under low sunlight conditions, perfect green interior décor touches to any room.

African Violet

African Violet

African Violets are available in a few different colours, but mainly in different shades of purple. These beauties are very hardy and require water only once a week or even just once every two weeks because a good part of the top soil needs to dry out first before it should be watered again.

Guzmania Tempo

Guzmania Tempo

A truly spectacular blooming flower; it makes for a wonderful interior décor focal point. The flowers have a very interesting shape and vivid colour. It grows quite easy indoors but it needs to be kept wet at all times. It also needs a lot of warmth so do not put it outside during winter time.

Nepenthes “Rebecca Soper”

A truly unique plant to add to your interior décor; this is a carnivorous plant and one of very few able to flourish indoors. The plant uses modified leaves to act as its flowers but the leaves are shaped into a cup-like structure and serve a sinister purpose. On the edge of the ‘cup’ the plant releases a slippery liquid that attracts insects, once the insect arrives and steps onto the liquid it slips and falls into the ‘cup’ which is filled with water. The plant then excretes enzymes into the water to digest the insect and so the plant gets all its food and does not need sunshine. It is better to water this flower with rainwater, but tap water also works well.

Pelargonium “Dark Secret”

Pelargoniums are known for their exquisite flowers and the Dark Secret variety is quite exceptional in that sense. They produce very large flowers and are relatively hardy plants. They should receive more water in summer than in winter and should be grown in nutrient rich soil.

Tillandsia Cyanea

This flowering plant, commonly known as Pink Quill, puts out quite the display when it comes to flowering. An amazing, huge cluster of blooms can be expected. This plant is originally from Ecuador and there, bizarrely, it grows on tree trunks. This plant will grow best in some direct sunlight but it performs excellent in an indoor setting with as much indirect sunlight as possible. It also needs to be kept moist at all times.