Interior Décor Tips

Vases are a necessary part of every home. One of the few items that are a real must with literally all interior décor. Vases can go in virtually any room or home area and look good in various ways. They make great gifts and this is why many of us have stacks and stacks of them stashed away in some old cupboard.

If you are buying your own vases you should try to pick ones that are made out of clear glass. This allows for modification at a later stage when you decide to change up your décor and also allows for numerous other methods of filling and decorating just one vase.

Glass paints available today are easy to remove with paint thinners, which do not harm the glass, providing another excellent way of changing your vases.

Vases can be considered a lifelong decorating companion if you’ve bought them in clear glass, because if they do not break they will still be perfectly usable in a 100 years and be easily adjustable to the decor trends of that time.

Vases offer the opportunity to be inexpensively redecorated in a very short time and are therefore cherished by interior designers and events planners.

Vases need not only be filled with flowers though, here are a few quick and inexpensive ways for using glass vases to brighten up your home:

  • Interior Décor TipsColoured water is always trendy. Take several different vases, fill them up to different levels and colour them each differently. Display them close together for a rainbow look or make the water in a few of the same colour in different shades and put a light behind or underneath it.
  • Fill the vases with fruit. Fresh or fake fruit work well either way. Make a change from the traditional fruit bowl to a fruit vase. For parties, fresh fruit in a variety of different colours can be layered throughout the vase, displayed during the event and later eaten as dessert.
  • Go for something completely exotic and create a little terrarium inside a vase with an exotic plant. Carnivorous plants (plants that eat insects) attract a lot of attention and you can feed the plant properly by closing the top and letting the insect go to the plant by itself.
  • For children’s rooms you can add spray paint marbles to look like candy and fill the vases with that. Apply some glue to the top layer of marbles to create a type of cap that if the vase were to fall over none of the marbles would fall out.
  • Fill a vase with coffee beans. Cheap coffee beans are widely available and are great for this purpose in homes with a neutral colour scheme. Clear glass vases filled with coffee beans work great as part of the décor in any room and they smell divine too!

Watch this video for another great idea:

How do you incorporate your glass vases into the interior décor of your home? Feel free to share your ideas here by commenting below…