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Interior Décor Ideas for a Fresh New Look

With the start of a new season many of us look for quick and easy interior décor ideas to update our homes for the next season. Redecorating a room (let alone an entire house) can become quite a costly affair, but for those of us that like to change things quite often, these simple tips will give your home a fresh new look without breaking the bank.


Interior Décor Ideas: Quick & Easy Home UpdatesBecause most of us collect only the ornaments we love, the temptation is to display them all at once. Instead, try to put some away to display next season. This will give the display cabinets and tables a completely new look without having to acquire anything new.

Simply rotating cushion covers, lamp shades, paintings and other décor items will give your home a fresh new look.

For creative people, cover an old lampshade with new fabric to complement your winter décor. Consider making slipcovers for your bed’s headboard too. That way you can change the look of your bedroom as often as you change your linen.


No matter what your interior décor style, clutter in a room will always reduce the desired effect.

Make sure you have storage space in each room for papers, toys or any other items that will detract from its ambience. An uncluttered home is a far more comfortable home.

Here are some great tips to help you de-clutter:

Interior Décor Ideas: Quick & Easy Home UpdatesCeilings:

This is an inexpensive way to keep children’s imaginations stimulated!

If you already know how to wallpaper, choose the correct wallpaper and cover the ceiling in your child’s room.


Traditional bookshelves need no longer be boring.

Turn them into display cabinets by grouping similar size books together or lay some down to create focal points. In between, display candles photos and other decorative items to break up the books.


It’s amazing how this simple little décor idea can brighten up the interior of any living area. Scented flowers are beautiful to look at and they gently fill the room with their scent too.

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Interior Décor Ideas: Quick & Easy Home UpdatesRugs:

Whatever your décor style their will most certainly be a rug to complement it. While new Persian rugs are expensive, you should be able to find an inexpensive rug in a vintage store to complement your interior.

Choosing the right colour can brighten up the entire room with very little effort at all, just lay it at an angle under your coffee table.

Other Ideas:

Very often, it’s the everyday simple things we forget about that make the most impact. A few little minor changes to your décor can have a major impact.

  • Interior Décor Ideas: Quick & Easy Home UpdatesChange your light switch covers for bold new decorative ones.
  • Change door handles to sleek new handles for modern homes, or try vintage style door handles if that is the style of your interior décor.

None of the above ideas are costly or difficult to do, yet all of them will have a major impact on the interior of your home.

How do you update your home as the seasons change? Share your interior décor ideas by commenting below…

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