Window blinds as a gift?

Christmas time is around the corner and people are rushing with idea lists trying to find the perfect gifts for their families and friends.

The idea of gifts is cantered on caring and it symbolizes a spirit of good wishes and that you are trying to improve the life of somebody special, it is simply an act of love.

Modern times have lessened the need for people to buy gifts that are a life necessity and often gifts are bought in the form of luxury goods that do little but give a sense of glamour and a general sense of more comfort.

Although blinds might be considered to be a boring gift, there are two things that stand out about blinds as a gift. It is not something anybody will expect and, secondly, it is a gift that will last for ages and serve a very important purpose.

On top of everything they also give their fair share of luxury to windows in your home.

Here follows a few reasons on why to consider giving blinds as a gift…

For the house-proud mum:

The kitchen is usually the “heart of the home”. Very often, this is where families get together while making supper and talk about their days.

During the holidays, family and friends alike are often in kitchens together, preparing festive meals.

Installing kitchen blinds are a great way of giving back to the person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen if you cannot afford to have the whole kitchen redone.

Blinds will give the entire kitchen a whole new look and will last longer and be easier to clean than curtains.

For the DIY fundi:

Buying blinds for dads that love their tool sheds and garages will also be a great idea.

Blinds can be closed to block out UV light filtering through windows that can break down delicate paint work over time.

Garages and tool sheds often get extremely hot in summer but closing the blinds can cool rooms quite a lot.

Again the cleaning needs to be mentioned as dust can be easily swept off Venetian blinds but curtains are a definite no-no in workshops where you will find grease and oil stains.

Children’s rooms:

Children and especially infants, no longer have to hassle when taking their afternoon naps if they have window blinds because the room can me made almost completely dark when the blockout roller blinds are shut.

Also great for when babies have a bad night and need more sleep in the day.

Closing the blinds halfway will also keep direct sunlight away from sensitive baby skin, medicines and skin products that need to be kept out of direct sunlight.

Roller blinds do not hang only to the bottom of the window which eliminates the risk of small children pulling and dragging on curtains which might cause the pelmet to fall on them. Just remember to keep all cords out of reach of pets and children alike.

For students:

For hardworking students, blinds as a gift could mean eliminating a whole lot of sleep problems because they will be able to recreate night time at their will if they’ve had to study at night and need to catch up sleep in the day.

And of course, while studying in the daytime, blinds will block out a large percentage of the glare from the windows, enabling students to concentrate on the studies more.

Blinds also offer a more modern look which usually appeals to most youngsters. Aluminium blinds in exciting vibrant colours are often a great choice for students.

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