Festive Interior Decor Tips For The Holidays

Creative & Festive Interior Decor Tips For The Holiday Season

Interior Decor TipsWith the festive season soon here, many of us have been or soon will be leafing through magazines and surfing the internet for some ideas on what to do with their homes for the festive season. Everybody is unique yet when there are guides on interior decor tips to follow in the media many people will follow it because it is fashionable for the season, forgetting all about expressing their own personal and unique styles.

What we have put together for you is not a guide that will tell you what you must decorate with but rather how to go about decorating your home according to your own personal taste that reflects the values and traditions of your family; after all that is what the festive season is all about.


Before you make any plans regarding the interior décor you want to bring in for the festive season, first de-clutter your home! When you are done with this you will have a better idea as to the space available to you and where you would like to position things.

Focal Point:

Select a focal point in your home. It does not have to be the Christmas tree.

Fireplaces are also very easy to make a focal point and you can get very creative with them. If you don’t have a fireplace, any good interior feature or structure you would like to highlight in your home will serve. Keep the focal point in the back of your head so long.


Decide on a theme for the interior décor of your home this season. Christmas is all about tradition but even tradition can be spiced up with more than just ginger and cinnamon.

Choose a more modern or fun summery theme for this year like Christmas at the Beach. Maybe instead of a Red and White Christmas change up the colours and make it Purple and White (imagine more tropical colours to suit our summers).


There is a rule that interior decorators refer to as the “Odd Rule”, this is when an odd number of objects are used to create a display. For instance 5 vases each filled with something different but grouped together.

Fun Fact: It is a mystery to psychologists why people are more attracted to a display with an odd number of objects. Even if the people do not count the objects, they still appear to prefer the displays of odd numbers.

Think outside the box and do not be scared to decorate with what you want. Japanese ikebana is very popular for table decoration during the festive season and the minimalist approach to flower arranging often emphasizes other parts of the plant than just its blooms.

Think Ahead:

Lastly, start preparing for next year. You might walk in the shops this year and find something beautiful but it won’t fit with your décor plans for this year, buy it and keep it stored away until next year! This will also reduce next year’s last minute rush.

How do you decorate the interior of your home for the festive season? Feel free to share any useful décor tips here by commenting below…

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