Interior Décor Ideas from Plascon:

Interior Décor Ideas: 2014 Colour ForecastIt’s hard to believe that we’re already reaching the end of 2013, but for those of you who are always on the lookout for the latest interior décor ideas to update your home, Plascon has already released their 2014 Colour Forecast.

Their Colour Forecast provides everyone with a glimpse into the world of interior decorating, interpreting the most contemporary colours into user-friendly, inspirational palettes for any home.

The Plascon Colour Forecast is headed by their Colour Manager, Anne Roselt who, after 10 years on the panel of the International Colour Authority (ICA) in London and who is also now a panel member of the trend forecasting group – The Mix, is undoubtedly SA’s foremost colour authority.

Along with other leading designers, the Plascon Colour Forecast team put together the main lifestyle, design and interior decorating trends into four key themes for the year. The main forecast theme of 2014 is Colour Nation –which refers to how colour defines our identities, world and experience of it.

2014 “Colour Nation” Forecast Themes:

Interior Décor Ideas: 2014 Colour Forecast

Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe

As South Africa gains recognition as a global centre of design, there is a growing trend towards national pride. Urban Tribe expresses this with a warm, grounded palette of modern bright with gold and black accents.

Second Nature

Our relationship with the natural world has changed as more and more people live in cities. City life has become the main reference point, but to keep our lives balanced it is crucial to combine the urban world with nature. This is reflected in the bold palette of greens and blues, offset by a bright yellow accent of this theme.

Calm Contrast

Calm Contrast

Calm Contrast

Through the use of classic pastels with grounding neutrals plus dark blue and copper, this theme tracks the evolution of pastels in modern design, showing its growth from being very feminine colours to create today’s balanced, contemporary look.

Inner Space

This theme draws its colour inspiration from the stars and skies to enhance contemplation, expressed through a neutral collection with blues for adding deeper tones. It is inspired by sanctuary environments and the way we use them to relax and reflect.

For more information on the 2014 forecast, visit the Plascon website:

What do you think of the 2014 forecast? Will you be able to use any of these colour schemes with your own décor ideas – comment below…