Décor Ideas for Creating a Designer Kitchen

When thinking of new decor ideas for your home, a great room for an update is often the kitchen and blinds are an easy fix. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and a beautiful kitchen can inspire your whole family, as well as maybe a few new delicious recipes.

Décor Ideas for a White KitchenA great starting point for decorating any room including your kitchen is the colour white. Its neutral colour gives a room a light, spacious feeling and, because it works well with any other colour, it is an ideal background colour and decor fix.

Kitchen Style Decor:

Do you prefer rustic looking decor? Imagine a white background with lots of wood and copper accents.

For a very contemporary style kitchen, this will give the room a very clean, minimalist look. Try white with steel finishes for every master chef’s dream kitchen.

Decor Hue Play:

If you love bright and vibrant colours, white is the perfect base to make bright colours stand out. Too much colour can be overwhelming but a few splashes of your favourite colour against a light backdrop can look stunning. Think of splashes of yellow, red or eggplant to bring life to Décor Ideas for a White Kitchenyour kitchen and add extra warmth.

For kitchens that receive a lot of light, play with a cooler colour scheme against the background. Beautiful blues create a perfect beach home look for the holiday house.

Small Kitchens:

White is naturally a great colour to use in smaller rooms. It reflects natural light and will make any kitchen seem larger. Light from the windows will reflect off walls and other neutral surface to give the room a bright, warm feel.


If you’re going for an all-white kitchen, try different textures to prevent it from looking to stark and clinical. Neutral porcelain tiles, white marble surfaces, glossy white kitchen cabinets can all make the space look even more clinical and boring.

Maybe try caesarstone countertops and wall tiles with a somewhat rough texture. Have a look at the different textures available for cabinetry.

Window Decor:

Décor Ideas for a White KitchenAnd, to finish it all off, there are a variety of window blinds available to dress your kitchen windows. Rustic kitchens look beautiful with roman blinds and wood blinds, easy decor additions.

Roller blinds, bamboo blinds and venetian blinds suit any kitchen style. Our wooden venetian blinds are available in all colours these days!

For more information on how our kitchen blinds will suit your decor ideas, contact us today.