2014 Design & Décor Trend Forecast

Trendy New Interior Design & Décor Ideas

2013 was a great year for design and trendy new décor ideas for the home, but with Cape Town being World Design Capital this year, many of us are wondering what 2014 has in store for us on the interior decorating front.

While we will still see many of the 2013 trends remaining popular this year, there are also a few new trends on the home front. Here’s a list of trends we predict will become quite popular in many homes:

Rich, Elaborate Kitchens:

Trendy New Décor Ideas For 2014We’ve also said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and many designers and decorators are allowing it to take centre stage in the home by fitting kitchens with sophisticated cabinets in opulent jewel-toned colours, highlighted with lustrous chrome or brass fittings.

Light fittings have also become much more elaborate throughout the home and in particular, in kitchens, with decorative chandeliers becoming the norm.

Counter tops are no longer just your average granite surfaces, companies are now producing surfaces that look like malachite, agate and other semi-precious stones.

If you wish to incorporate the look into your home without replacing the entire countertop, invest in some agate coasters or a decorative agate stone that you can stand a shelf or the mantelpiece.


Trendy New Décor Ideas For 2014Not only are we seeing these dramatic looks in kitchens, but all rooms are getting a glamorous makeover. Darker dramatic walls, whether they are painted or wallpapered, are creating a glamorous impact with beautiful metallic accessories.


While silver metal accessories have been popular in home décor for quite some time, this year sees the return of gold and brass. But instead of the full-on shine of previous years, metals have a softer, brushed finish.

If you don’t want to completely change all your accessories from silver to gold, don’t worry, this year sees many people mixing different metals together to create a more eclectic look.

Another popular trend with metals is to use wood and brass together. Striated brass complements the grain of wooden furniture beautifully.

Vintage Style:

It seems that many of us have become tired of overly trendy pieces and people are looking for more vintage and quirky unique items to display in their homes that will become great conversation-starters.

You will find many of these wonderful pieces were just old, dated items found in second-hand shops. All that was needed was a coat of paint to revive it.

While modern interior design and décor has been extremely popular, we also see now a return to timeless, traditional styles throughout the home. This also means saying goodbye to purposeless ornaments and only keeping more meaningful, multi-purpose items.

Lighter Woods:

There is a move towards lighter, honey coloured wood tones throughout the homes as opposed to the darker woods that have been so popular of late. Think oak, cherry and walnut.


Turquoise is becoming very popular for upholstery, furniture and wall art. A rich jewel-tone itself, think of a deep, saturated turquoise.

Navy blue is also becoming quite trendy on runways and in décor. In fact, all shades of blue including indigo, teal and cobalt blue, look set to continue being trendy in 2014.

Black and White:

This will also remain a popular colour scheme, but this year sees a move towards a softer feel instead of the more clinical or industrial looks of previous years.


Greys become warmer this year with reddish or yellow undertones. This year sees warm greys taking over from beige as the neutral tone of choice.


In recent years, orange has been a very popular colour for décor, but this year sees the return of yellow as the ultimate warm colour for the home. But then again, it’s more about choosing colours you love than choosing the latest fashion.

Radiant Orchid:

Trendy New Décor Ideas For 2014Let’s not forget the 2014 Pantone Colour of the Year – Radiant Orchid. If you’re not ready to paint the walls this colour but would rather try it as an accent, remember to repeat the colour at least 3 times in the room to create a flow. Use it to paint a focal wall, in a piece of art, accessories, throws or scatter cushions. You can even paint the inside of a bookcase.

Changeable Accents:

With so many options in styles and colours for the home, it’s understandable that many people would love to be able to change their décor on a regular basis. For example, instead of just changing colour schemes from season to season, we also change fabrics, choosing warmer, more tactile fabrics for the cooler months.

This is why many people are choosing to furnish their interiors with flexible neutrals and choosing brighter accents to change the look of their home. These include scatters, throws, bases, rugs and more.


Floral and chintz fabrics are becoming popular once more, from soft furnishings to window blinds and even in wallpapers. To avoid your home looking like grandma decorated it, try mixing it up with some graphic patterns for a modern take on the trend.

Whether you enjoy layering different textures and colours or want just one unique piece to add a bit of drama to the room, globally inspired prints look wonderful. Choose one that picks up on your existing colour scheme. Ikat dyed fabrics look wonderful in any interior, blending with almost any style. With such a wide range of colours, you’re bound to find something to suit your home.

Choosing luxurious fabrics for a room is one way of adding to the texture. From cowhide to chunky knits, many people choose to layer different textures to add extra luxury to a room.

Nailhead Trim:

Going back to vintage styles, nailhead trim is also reappearing on both furniture and accessories. It’s a timeless style to choose for more expensive investment pieces that won’t date even if the trend wanes.


Trendy New Décor Ideas For 2014Mirrors are becoming more adventurous too. Instead of a standard rectangular mirror, try a circular one. Otherwise opt for an interesting frame in any number of materials.

Size and placement of a mirror is crucial. Before buying a mirror, cut out a piece of cardboard the same size and shape and stick it with tape to the spot you have in mind, then step back to see how it fill the space. This is a great way to decide if it’s will suit your space.

Indoors and Outdoors Become One:

With the improvement in outdoor fabrics and furniture, patios and outdoor entertainment areas are becoming as stylish as any other living area in the home. The choice in fabric is becoming more varied and luxurious, so much so that you’d be tempted to use them indoors too.

This allows for carrying stylish colours and themes throughout the home right out into the garden.

Back To Nature:

While this was already a popular trend in 2013, it looks set to becoming even more so in 2014. This can be incorporated into fabrics, furnishing, flooring and even wall art.

Will you be using any of these décor ideas in your home? Let us know by commenting below…

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