5 Clever Interior Décor Ideas

There are so many inspiring blogs, websites, magazines and more that share their favourite décor ideas to make your home look stunning, but many of us just don’t have the time or the budget to do full blown updates or makeovers.

5 Clever Interior Décor IdeasProbably, most of us make do with adding some bright scatter cushions or throws to a room to update the look. If you’re looking for a few more ideas to bring into your home without breaking the bank or spending lots of time doing it, we’ve got a few tips for you.

Trendy Accessories:

As we mentioned before, having a neutral colour scheme allows for quick and easy updates as new décor trends emerge. Try choosing scatters and throws in the 2014 colour of the year – Radiant Orchid. If you’re really in love with a certain colour, try adding a vase in that colour, as well as a rug and one or two other items.

Add trendy artworks and colour or abstract canvases that you can try your hand at yourself. Found a wonderful, quirky vintage piece at the market? Give it pride of place on the mantel and a few other items in a similar colour to tie it all together.

Books as Ornaments:

5 Clever Interior Décor IdeasDo you own some beautiful books? Don’t hide them away on a bookshelf; use them as ornaments on shelves and coffee tables to add height and interest. They are also ideal to uses as a base for other ornaments and vases.

Wallpapered Shelves:

Tired of your built-in shelves, glass-front cupboards and bookshelves? No need even to repaint; just add a high-impact wall paper to the back of the shelves for a stunning affect. It looks even better against a white bookshelf.

Add a Rug:

5 Clever Interior Décor IdeasCarpets and rugs help to designate areas, so if you have an open plan dining area, adding a carpet will help to separate it from the lounge. It can also make a large tiled area seem more complete and warmer – greater for the cooler autumn. They’re also another great way to add a colour statement to a neutral area.

Patio Mirror:

Autumn is still a wonderful time to entertain outdoors, and with our new outdoor blinds, you can even use your patio throughout winter.

5 Clever Interior Décor IdeasTo make your patio look even bigger, attach a large mirror or mirror sheets to the back wall. Any mirrored surfaces will create the illusion of more space, as well as reflecting all the foliage to make it look even greener.

What other ways have you used to incorporate trendy new décor ideas into your home with minimal fuss – comment below to share…