New Interior Decorating Trends

When it comes to interior decorating, 2013 has been an exciting year, with many distinctive and flexible décor ideas arising from the ingenious blending of current trends being repackaged into amazing new looks.

While the clean, “less is more” design philosophy has been around for quite some time now, it has become even more important in 2013, as can be seen in the following new decorating ideas:


Interior Decorating TrendsWhile white has always been a favourite colour for interior spaces, the monochromatic look has also become a classic design.

You will find this trend showing up in many black and white paintings throughout designer homes, as well as in their linen and other spaces throughout the home.

Although this interior colour scheme is quite straightforward, it is well-loved for the dramatic impact it adds to any room.

If you’re considering the monochromatic trend but you’re unsure if you’ll like it, start with black and white scatter cushions to slowly introduce the idea into the interior space you’re decorating. The contrast emphasized by the black and white trend allows you to experiment and play around with your creativity.

If you feel the starkness of the monochromatic trend is too cold for you, add a bright pop of colour in just a single focal painting or item of furniture to add warmth.

Going Green:

Interior Decorating TrendsNot only is adding plants to your home and attractive way to enhance your décor, it’s also a healthy way of filtering your air naturally.

Of course, it’s not always easy to have lots of plants in a small home, or in an apartment. One of our favourite interior decorating trends overseas is the creation of “green furniture” to add a bit of life to modern interiors.

These include framed plant paintings, living green walls and mobile plant panels. Imagine a double-sided plant wall on wheels with an automatic irrigation system and pockets for plants. Perfect as a living screen in a small home.

Tired of seeing the same painting in your lounge every day? Framed plant paintings will grow and change all the time, ensuring you never get tired of it.

Clean Window Treatments:

Interior Decorating TrendsThis goes hand-in-hand with the “less is more” decorating trend. For those who have curtains, the rods have been hidden behind crown mouldings so that only the curtain drops can be seen. This is a great way to make smaller rooms look larger as it draws the eye up to the ceiling, accentuating the height of the room.

This gives a cleaner look to interior walls allowing one to focus on the finer details of the room. It is also great for those wanting to install Venetian or roller blinds too.

What are your favourite interior decorating trends of 2013 so far? Feel free to let us know by commenting below…