Bamboo Roller Blinds

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Due to the natural characteristics of this product, colour variations, irregularities, bowing towards the middle or bottom and warping/twisting can occur.

Particularly rustic products can contain sticks and stitching which can be irregular and twisted.

The different textures and types of bamboo, jute, reed and grass combinations will perform differently in certain conditions.

This is not a defect in the product but contributes towards the charm of the blind.

These products are made from raw plant material that is picked from swamps and marshes and then dried to be usable for blinds.

The natural characteristics of these blinds may become more pronounced in damp humid conditions. These blinds should not be directly exposed to water.

It is important not to roll up this product when damp because it will get mouldy.

The material does change colour over time, lighter materials become darker and the darker materials will fade.

The discolouration will occur mainly on the outside face of the blinds which is exposed to the sunlight.

Cracks of light will appear between the slats in the blinds as this is a natural product.

The blinds are finished off with a wooden valance, cordlock and matching cords.

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1200 X 1500, 1200 X 2100, 1500 X 1800, 600 X 900, 900 X 2100


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