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Interior Décor Tips:

Interior Décor Tips: Clean & Clutter FreeWhile many homeowners love to keep up to date with the latest trends in interior décor, others will find a style that suits them and stick with it for many years, with just a few minor changes here and there. But whatever your decorating style, the biggest, most important part of keeping any interior space (whether it be home or office) looking attractive and inviting is to keep it clutter-free.

Keeping any interior space clutter-free is far easier said than done. We’re none of us strangers to clutter, whether it is just that little corner of the kitchen counter where you drop your keys, letters, flyers, etc., as you get home from work, to the garage-come-workshop area that has become more of a junkyard than a workshop. We’ve put together these tips to help you keep your home clutter-free and allow your décor to be the main attraction.

Interior Décor Tips: Clean & Clutter FreeComfort Zones

Take a step back and look at your home through a stranger’s eyes. Are you comfortable with the level of clutter you see in your home? We all have different comfort levels and you have to decide how much clutter you are comfortable with. If you see too many cluttered corners that make you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to get to work!

Treasured Items

While you’re busy looking at your home objectively, ask yourself; “What items would I rescue if my home caught fire?” Of course, in reality, you wouldn’t be saving any décor items from fire, only people and pets. This question will, however, help you focus on the home furnishings and decorative items that are really important to you.

Interior Décor Tips: Clean & Clutter FreeThe next step is obvious; only keep the items that you would rescue from the hypothetical fire.

Décor Style

Next, you need to decide which items fit in with the style of your home. Many fall into the trap of holding onto items they consider beautiful but that don’t fit in with the rest of the décor. Unless an item has very strong sentimental significance, what good is it doing your home if it doesn’t work in any of the interior spaces?



Although you do get some people with a serious hoarding addiction, most of us have just gotten into the habit of collecting or holding onto anything that may have some value. Remember that, even without an addiction, getting rid of any old décor items will still be difficult, especially if we’ve spent quite a bit of money on it.

Interior Décor Tips: Clean & Clutter FreeAs hard as it may be, learn to accept it and keep in mind that you are doing this to improve the interior of your home.

It might help to give some of the items away to a charity shop or to friends who have commented on the item before.


Letting go of certain items may be totally impossible because of their sentimental value, but at the same time, they just don’t work with your current décor. These are the things you will then put in storage. Seal it up safely in a box in the garage if you have the space or maybe consider renting storage space if you can afford it.

Here’s a few more tips to help:

Once you’ve de-cluttered your home (or office), you will find it makes a refreshing change to your interior space and they say a change is as good as a holiday! Feel free to share any interior décor tips and experiences here by commenting below…

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