Exact Outdoor Products & Pool Covers


Advantages of PVC pool covers

  •  Increase water temperature
  • Safety – reduces risk of drowning
  • Water saving as evaporation decreases up 98%
  • Protects your pool from debris, leaves and dirt – less cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Less chemicals required
  • Less electricity used as pool need not run for long periods

The Lace pool cover can be manufactured to any size or shape pool pulled tightly with minimal to no creases or folds.

We use a high quality PVC fabric suitable to our harsh South African sun and humidity.

The Lace pool cover is mounted with stainless grab hooks that are hooked into paving or mounting plates.

The pole pool cover is manufactured from high quality most durable PVC fabric suitable to our harsh South African sun and humidity.

The pole pool cover has stainless pole supports in pockets over the pool that assists with easy rolling up and storing of the pool cover when not in use. While in use the cover is pulled tight with stainless ratchet straps.

The pool covers are an added safety factor for your children, grandchildren and pets as it can carry a substantial weight and will not give way if they end up walking over it.

When installing a pole pool cover you need not have a pool fence or net. This is saving you money right from the word go and further savings is on the refilling of your pool as the PVC pool covers reduces evaporation up to 98%.

Your pool is protected from dirt and leaves falling into the pool, therefor less time spending on cleaning and more time enjoying your pool.

Quick installation either DIY option or installation done by our professional team.