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Below a selection of interesting articles on how to optimise the aestetic value of your blinds, cleaning tips and much more.

All Kinds of Outdoor Blinds

Quality Custom Outdoor Blinds to Beat Any Weather Conditions 5 Things to consider when deciding on Outdoor Blinds How exposed is the area you want to cover e.g. wind direction and strength, position of the sun, any exposure to the elements for that matter. What do you want to protect, is it an entertainment area, […]

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Roman Blinds

Roman blinds also known as Cascading Blinds… With their clean, sophisticated lines, roman blinds or cascade blinds as they are sometimes known, are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window. These blinds can be made from all kinds of fabrics and materials. They are normally lined with a block out or […]

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Roller Blinds

A Wide Range of Roller Blinds available! Roller blinds are functional and decorative irrespective of whether in the private or commercial sector. Depending on the sunlight and the desired degree of shading or sight protection, you can choose from a selection of fabrics. From absolutely dense textiles to fine almost transparent fabrics, a wide range […]

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Home Interior Redecorating

Choosing Window Blinds for Home & Office

Hmmm I wonder, which window blinds will best suit your home or office? Window blinds are lovely alternate options to curtains since they’re just less cumbersome, stronger than textiles, and more affordable and simpler to clean. They enable you to restrict the level of daylight, shading, ventilation and privacy. Selecting the proper window covering is […]

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Blinds in Cape Town – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions by members of the public about our Venetian, Roller and Bamboo blinds in Cape Town (amongst others): Can aluminium Venetian blinds be used at the coast in Cape Town? All Venetian blinds can be potentially problematic depending on environment.  Particular problems, however, could lie with silver, gold, unpainted aluminium, […]

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Vertical Blinds from Blinds Exact Cape Town

Vertical Blinds offer great window solutions! Vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal décor. These blinds are practical on large sliding doors and provide good light control. The fabric vanes of the blinds can be tilted or stacked to the side to set the correct light required. They create a comfortable and […]

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds Made To Order For You!

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Made To Order! Aluminium Venetian blinds (available in 16mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm) are the ideal solution for creating the clean, modern, uncluttered look desired in many contemporary interiors. This window covering is a practical solution not only in offices with glare problems on computer or TV screens/monitors. But also in private homes where there is […]

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interior decorators

Window Blinds – Suggestions On Buying!

Given the various designs and fabrics of window blinds, it seems less difficult to find the right fixtures for your needs. You can always get these window treatments from select shopping malls, home furnishing outlets, paint and tile retail stores, or reputable online merchants. What do you need to take into account in buying blinds? […]

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outside mount blinds

Why You Should Use Outdoor Blinds In Cape Town

Outdoor blinds are a great way that you can improve any outdoor space. If you have an outdoor patio area or even a deck that you would like to showcase as an extra living space on your property, outdoor blinds are one of the best ways that you can create a very homey outdoor space […]

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Décor Ideas for a White Kitchen

Creating A Beautiful White Kitchen!

Décor Ideas for Creating a Designer Kitchen When thinking of new decor ideas for your home, a great room for an update is often the kitchen and blinds are an easy fix. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home and a beautiful kitchen can inspire your whole family, as well as maybe a few […]

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