Featured Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds offer great window solutions! Vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal décor. These blinds are practical on large sliding doors and provide good light control. The fabric vanes of the blinds can be tilted or stacked to the side to set the correct light required. They create a comfortable and […]

Latest Styles

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds also known as Cascading Blinds… With their clean, sophisticated lines, roman blinds or cascade blinds as they are sometimes known, are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window. These blinds can be made from all kinds of fabrics and materials. They are normally lined with a block out or […]

Roller Blinds

A Wide Range of Roller Blinds available! Roller blinds are functional and decorative irrespective of whether in the private or commercial sector. Depending on the sunlight and the desired degree of shading or sight protection, you can choose from a selection of fabrics. From absolutely dense textiles to fine almost transparent fabrics, a wide range […]


Outdoor Roller Drop Blinds

Outdoor Blinds for any Weather: Our outdoor blinds help protect you from the elements by providing a temporary barrier that is easily retracted. We provide two outdoor roller blind systems, namely the rope and pulley system and the gear mechanism system. Our fabrics are PVC – Sheerweave, Ripstop, Acrylic. All these fabrics have been UV […]

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Beautiful & Durable Bamboo Blinds: Beautifully finished with a wooden or matching bamboo valance to cover the operating mechanism, these bamboo blinds compliment any area. These blinds are durable and long lasting. The roll-up system with a cord locking mechanism is easy to operate. There is a large selection of colours, from natural to dark […]

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